ted slot big money bonusFor some players, bonuses are the best parts of any slot game. It evokes the same joy as pulling a Christmas cracker or finding extra cash in a coat pocket. Unlike mega jackpots that only knock on the doors of the luckiest among us, bonuses are everyday treats that happen to everyone.

Some bonuses add nice pocket change while others truly boost your winnings; some bonuses are classic while others are incredibly innovative. Yet, all of them will boost your mood. In this guide, we will give you a run-down of the most popular formats of bonus features. Of course, we’ll point you towards the best games to try them out too.

1) Wheel of Fortune Bonuses

“Round and round it spins, where it stops, nobody knows.” It’s this simple premise that has captured the minds and hopes of players for years. The wheel of fortune bonus is composed of a circular wheel that is divided into wedges.

Wheel of Fortune Bonus Gameplay

Each wedge would contain prizes like bonus credits, win multipliers or entry into other bonus games. The more thrilling wheels even have wedges with no prizes at all. Spin the wheel for yourself at Wheel of Fortune On Tour slot!

2) Pick'em Bonuses

This “pick-a-prize” bonus format is immensely popular too. This is because it gives players a sense of control over their fortunes. You actively choose icons on screen to reveal your prize. There is also another gripping variant, in which you get to keep picking until you hit an icon that ends the event.

In case you were wondering, the outcome of your selections are not pre-determined. The prizes are determined by a random number generator, just as it is during slots! Well, one classic pick’em game that you must try is Hall of Gods by NetEnt. You get to choose between shields and win the Ultimate Jackpot!

3) Extra Spin Bonuses

This is the simplest proposition of all, yet no less fun than all other bonuses. In a nutshell, you’ll get to play a few rounds of the game without wagering a single cent. Then, you can keep everything that you win! The game designers have also come up with various ways to spice up these free rounds.

Some games activate extra features during the free rounds that are not otherwise available on the main game.

Panda Pow Extra Spins Galore

Other games even enable re-triggers, so that you can win extra free spins during the free games. Panda Pow by Lightning Box Games is one slot that is notorious for giving away so many free spins that you’ll hardly hit the spin button yourself!

4) Skilled-based Bonuses

A new genre of slot games has emerged that combine mobile games with slots. This fun twist on the classic slot game format brings the best of both worlds together. You’ll get the addictive quality of mobile games (such as match-three) as well as the rewarding nature of slots. For example, the new Bon Bon Bonanza slot game lets you match sweets to earn money.

If you’re too lazy to forge your own fortune, there’s always an “Auto-play” version. Well, there’s something about fun about controlling your own outcomes, even if it’s only an illusion!

5) “Play more, win more” Bonuses

The game could ask that you collect a certain number of symbols to fill a prize-meter. The longer you play, the more you win. In Reactoonz, every win adds symbols to the Quantum Leap charge meter.

Reactoonz Implosion Feature

Every fully-charged meter activates wallet-boosting features such as a Demolition of all low-paying symbols or even an Alteration of low-paying symbols into high-value ones. These bonuses give players a reason to keep playing for longer. Your patience is highly rewarded.


Thanks to bonuses, today’s slot landscape is more vibrant that it has ever been before. Designers in every gaming studio spend months devising new ways to treat players. The pace of innovation has increased dramatically too; with bonuses getting more and more rewarding.

The best bonuses are novel to pique the interest of today’s sophisticated players and create an intoxicating reward loop that keep players hooked. What are your favourites? Let us know in the comments below!

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