VR myths and misconceptions-featureBelieve it or not, many people have a lot of misconceptions about virtual reality. Despite being a growing industry, there are those who still believe ridiculous sci-fi nonsense such as the fact that we are losing touch with reality and that we are growing ever more dependent on machines, becoming enslaved by them.

While that made an excellent plot for The Matrix films, that is not even remotely the case in reality. Because of this stigma, many of the stereotypes people associate with VR has leaked into VR gambling, too.

This is unfortunate because we believe that the less people believe in these myths, the quicker the industry can grow. Here are the seven most common myths about VR gambling which are completely untrue and that, when you hear them, you should never believe.

Myth #1 — VR Gambling Is For Geeks

computer geekIt's probably the first thing out of your mouth when you first heard of VR in general and assumed the same about VR gambling. After all, only geeks dabble in new technology and have the money to pay for it!

Not only is this assumption wrong, it's also the most ludicrous. Are you a hardcore nerd because you bought the new iPhone? Didn't think so. Just because something looks complicated and scary doesn't mean it's only for geeks with a lot of time on their hands.

Myth #2 — VR Gambling Encourages Laziness

lazy personMost people assume that just because you have a headset over your eyes, that means you don't have to go anywhere and can sit on the sofa all day, immersed in a completely fake and digital world.

This perception largely stems from Hollywood and, again, it's wrong. VR gambling can actually be quite active. Sure, gambling itself isn't the most active thing to do but assuming it's somehow more lazy just because it's VR is just stupid.

Myth #3 — VR Gambling Makes People Less Social

asocialTechnophobes, rejoice! It's the timeless argument people make against new technological stepping stones because people don't understand how it works. They said it with TV, they said it with mobile phones, now they're saying it with VR…

Which means VR gambling is extra bad because gambling is already an asocial activity. Err, wrong. On both accounts. People who use VR are more than capable of socialising afterwards. Hell, with some casinos, you could even interact through it! But gambling itself can be a very social activity. So not only does this make VR look bad, it makes your favourite hobby look bad too.

Myth #4 — VR Gambling Replaces Real Life

is this real life memeThis is yet another ludicrous myth perpetuated by Hollywood. Although some people can get too attached to their devices (be that a VR headset or a mobile phone) that is the exception rather than the rule.

Most people, who engage with these things do so on a regular enough basis not for it to become a problem. Nobody suddenly thinks that the real world is just like the digital one just because they spend an hour a day playing Minecraft. Not really. And VR will not replace real life casinos. Until those start getting shut down, this myth will remain false.

Myth #5 — VR Gambling Steals Data

retina scanHonestly, we have no idea where this myth even came from. Something about the government conspiring to enslave the masses by accessing your pupil and gaining all the info they need on you? Either way, it's untrue.

Whatever conspiracy theory you're gullible enough to believe in, the government and the secret service have better things to do than collect your retinal scans all day. Besides, how would that even work?

It would take phenomenal amounts of power and twenty-four hour surveillance to even get the kind of data they're after, in which time they could have just used the police or MI5, or something.

Myth #6 — VR Gambling Is For Game Developers

game developerWhile this myth is more understandable, it's definitely not the case. VR gambling is not an exclusive experience for those who understand its intricacies. It is for everyone. Anyone can use a VR headset and they can be used with most mobile devices. That's why they're being sold to the public and you're most likely to find them under you Christmas tree.

Sure, it might look complicated  at first but it really isn't. We advise that you at least give it a go before saying that it's just something only tech-savvy gaming people can understand. We're pretty sure they do get a kick out of it and love to try all sorts of new gadgets but, like we said, they're not the only target market.

Myth #7 — VR Gambling Is Just A Gimmick

next big thing signWrong, wrong, and wrong. While on the surface it might seem like a gimmick (and we can understand, seeing as 3D is kind of a forgotten thing nowadays), the VR experience is not only a cash-cow for many industries, but it's mechanics are now so advanced that there's no way that it can be dismissed as ‘just a fad'.

It would be like dismissing smartphones as ‘just a fad' which to some extent maybe true but they are now too entangled in people's lives for them to simply disappear. Not unless something better replaces it.

Yes, VR might not be the standard equipment you find in your living room but that's quickly becoming a thing of the past. Sales figures show that millions across the globe enjoy VR in some shape or form. So yeah, not a fad. At least, not in the same way fidget spinners are a fad. VR has been here for a few years now and it has shown no sign of going away anytime soon.

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