casino mobile payments gowinSurely you’ve come across the “pay by phone” payment option at mobile casinos. It is slowly becoming the preferred option for mobile casino players, simply because of how convenient and speedy each transaction is.

You just reply to a text message and play; meanwhile, the amount is added to your monthly phone bill! While you could use it right from the get-go—without receiving any prior guidance or combing through any small print—here are seven tips from the experts.


1. Keep track of your mobile deposits

First and foremost, you should keep an eye on your text messages. You’ll get SMS-es asking you to confirm your transaction as well as SMS receipts for confirmed purchases. If you get an SMS for something you haven’t bought, contact your mobile network provider immediately.

Once a month, you should also take a quick glance through your phone bill. This would give you a sense of how much you’re spending in total through your mobile phone. It is easy to spend a fiver or a tenner each time, but these small-sized transactions may add up if you’re not careful.

Mobile phone Deposits CarriersIf you want to keep an even closer eye, you can check your transaction history through your mobile network apps. These apps update almost instantly, so you don’t have to wait for your full account statement at the end of the month.

2. Choose your mobile deposit limits

The default amount is £30 per day. This limit is set by all mobile network providers and mobile depositing vendors such as Boku, to ensure that no one is spending above their means. However, you can lower or raise the limit to your preference. To do so, just call your mobile network provider and ask to change the limit for mobile phone payments.

3. Read the welcome bonus and promotional offers carefully

Mobile Phone Deposits TermsWhile this tip should be observed by all mobile casino players, it rings particularly true for mobile phone depositors. Some casinos only provide their welcome package if you add your credit card details to your account.

If these conditions turn you off, you may want to choose another place to play instead. Other casinos also have a minimum deposit amount in order to qualify for your bonus.

4. You cannot withdraw casino winnings via phone bill

Unfortunately, mobile phone bill payment method only allows players to deposit. After all, mobile network providers aren’t in the habit of paying its customers. So, if you deposited using the mobile phone bill option, you can select other ways to withdraw.

You could request to receive your payout via credit/debit card, bank transfer, cheque, PayPal and so on. These options vary from casino to casino, but there’s always support on hand at the withdrawal cashier to help you set it up!

5. Don't let someone else play with your phone

Given how easy it is to confirm a transaction, it is easy for other people—especially kids—to rack up charges on your phone bill. So, treat your phone like a credit card. Just as you wouldn’t pass your card over to strangers, don’t let other people play at a mobile casino on your phone.

6. You can block mobile phone deposits

Whether you want to cool off on your mobile gambling habits or stop using this payment method, the option is always available to block mobile phone deposits and promotions. To do this, you have to contact your mobile network provider and ask them to disable Premium SMS function on your account. They can usually do so instantly and at no extra cost.

The customer support agent may also use the terms Direct Carrier Billing, Premium Rate Service or Third-Party Messaging. All of these terms refer to the mobile phone depositing service.

7. Ask the casino if you are not sure

Mobile Phone Deposits Customer SupportKnow that there is always help on hand and no question is too silly! The more pertinent questions are related to bonuses—mobile phone deposits may be subjected to different wagering requirements.

You must also choose another payment option when you decide to withdraw your funds later. Whatever the question, you should always reach out to the customer service team before depositing. Most casinos have live chat support around the clock, so it’s easy to get help.

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