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Online casinos combine many technologies that make remote gambling possible. Internet connection, mobile game engines, live streaming, random number generator and many others are used daily by casino operators.

Remove any one of them and betting on mobile simply wouldn’t be possible anymore. However, instead of removing anything, we will introduce some new technologies to you.

They will replace the current solutions or add new possibilities to the already diverse online gambling environment. In either case, they’re about to change the landscape of gambling to the point of no return.

We’re talking about:

  • 5G internet connection
  • Provably fair gambling
  • Gambling without an account

We have a good reason to believe that these three technologies, already present in some websites, will soon become mainstream.

Gambling Trends 2019/2020

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These three new introductions to the game developer studios won’t just make betting faster. On top of this, they might catalyse other changes that we’ve long been waiting for – such as VR (virtual reality) casino games.

Among them all, the new 5G internet is probably the greatest catalyst of them all. Read on below to find out why.

1. 5G Network Connection

5G is, literally, the 5th generation mobile network that’s about to launch and replace the older generations of mobile telecommunications. Although it isn’t even launched in many parts of the world, we have no doubt that online casinos will react.

There are many advantages that 5G has over the current networks:

  1. Data transfer at a faster rate
  2. Much lower latency of communication (below 1 millisecond)
  3. Higher bandwidth

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All this will allow for faster data transfers and easier maintenance of activities where many users are involved. This will undoubtedly affect live dealer games and make it much easier for casinos to support thousands of players online.

What’s more, high data transfer rates will improve the possibilities of virtual reality casinos. This sort of entertainment isn’t popular today, but with 5G we might finally witness the long-awaited VR revolution.

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Finally, the new mobile network will make it possible to create solutions that are impossible with the current technology. It’s a perfect ground for developing something outstanding, revolutionary and wild.

How about live slots or a multiplayer online casino experience? Anything might be possible with 5G. For these reasons, we’re sure that casinos will be among the first to support 5G connections.

2. Provably Fair Gambling

Another novelty to virtual gambling is the so-called ‘provably fair’ software. It’s already quite popular in some Bitcoin casinos. However, nothing stands in the way of traditional casino operators adopting this technology.

After all, most players who know about it would like it to be available on every site they deposit at.

As the name suggests, provably fair games are pieces of software that can be tested for fairness. Such testing is impossible on regular games. However, with this solution in place, anyone can test each game at any time.

But How Does It Work?

That’s a good but also a difficult question. The inner workings of this software would require a separate guide to answer fully. An oversimplified answer would be:

It allows the player to analyse the game’s algorithm including hashing, random seed and number generation. To do this, the player may input a certain value that isn’t controlled or predetermined by the operator.

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Needless to say, gamblers would feel better if such a confirmation of fairness was available everywhere.

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True, most casino websites declare that they’re fair and secure. However, you can never be sure, especially considering the notoriety of rogue casinos in the past.

So, with the community’s encouragement and examples of other operators using it successfully, the technology should gain further popularity.

3. No Account Gambling

With so many new regulations for players and operators these days, it’s hard to imagine gambling without an account. However, it’s been recently done by some operators. The system seems to be working just fine, too.

What’s more, it works without failing to meet the obligations to know the customer, prevent underage gambling and others.

How This Works

Essentially, an online banking account is used instead of a separate casino account. After you deposit by a payment method such as Trustly, you can then pause the game and return later.

Your previously deposited money isn’t lost because you can use them again with your online banking account.

Since no account is necessary, there’s much less management. The greatest advantage of this is instant withdrawals. We bet that you’d enjoy cashing out as fast as you deposit as so does every other mobile gambler.

Is It Safe?

The online banking methods used by casinos with no account are completely safe and encrypted. Another issue is the obligation for casino operators to know their customers and promote responsible gaming.

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Without an account, this becomes a much more difficult task. Indeed, the current sites that require no account don’t ask for any way of identification. The only step is the depositing process.

Naturally, most children won’t have online banking accounts. However, this isn’t a perfect method to prevent gambling problems. That’s why UKGC haven’t given a licence to any such website yet. On the bright side, there are other ways to identify a user without requiring their account.

This means that no account gambling could still become a reality in a couple of years, even in the UK.

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