credit card ban on gambling onlineThe government in the UK has been trying to ban credit cards for gambling purposes many times recently. The current culture secretary Jeremy Wright has raised the question again this January.

According to him and those sympathetic to this view, it’s much easier to get in trouble when using credit cards. Indeed, credit cards allow using money that you don’t have. This can quickly lead problem gamblers to accumulate debts.

While the community’s opinions vary on the matter, it’s clear that this ban would affect many punters. Today, 20% of all deposits are made using this type of bank cards.

Three Alternative Methods for Credit Cards

woman mobile gambler paying by phoneAs more politicians are raising this question (including members of the current opposition), it seems inevitable that the proposition will come in effect sooner or later.

Thus, we’re presenting three alternatives for people who gamble using credits today:

  1. Debit Card
  2. Bitcoin
  3. Boku Mobile

Of course, neither of these methods allow using money in advance. That’s the point of banning credit bank cards in the first place. Even if there were other methods allowing it, it’s likely that they would be banned too.

For this reason, you’ll have to focus on other benefits if this resolution is adopted in the end.

Here’s why we’re offering these methods instead of anything else.

1. Debit Card – The Obvious Choice

If you like using your bank card directly, why not switch to a debit card instead? Aside from the credit payments, nothing will change, so you’ll be able to enjoy gambling as if nothing happened.

+ Already Familiar– An Extra Card Needed
+ Accepted Everywhere– Not as Safe

Of course, you’ll need to request a new card from your bank if you don’t have one and that might cost you extra. It might be worth it if you like being able to gamble everywhere.

While bank cards are accepted at almost every casino, some other methods are safer and have other benefits. If you’ve got to change your payment method anyway, why not try something different? It’s the perfect opportunity.

2. Bitcoin – The Anonymous Choice

We know, Bitcoin might seem suspicious and confusing for people new to it. However, it offers amazing benefits to gamblers online.

+ Anonymous– Not Accepted Everywhere
+ Quick– Requires a BTC Wallet
+ No Bank Details– Volatile Currency

While you won’t be able to play at some sites using this currency, you’ll get other benefits in return. For one thing, you’ll do it anonymously as no personal or bank details are needed. All you need is a BTC wallet to store your bitcoins in.

Both deposits and withdrawals will be extremely fast, too. So, if you don’t mind the volatility of this currency, it’s a great alternative for bank card payments.

3. Boku – The Safe Choice

Boku mobile and other pay by phone bill services are very different from the credit cards. However, they’re the perfect choice for players at risk as well as those who don’t spend that much at casinos online.

+ No Registration– Not Accepted Everywhere
+ Very Safe– No Withdrawal
+ Quick & Easy

Boku is an SMS-based service that guarantees the safety of your funds and details. It’s easy to use, requires no registration at all and has nothing to do with banks either.

There are several disadvantages, the worst of which is that it can’t be used to withdraw winnings. However, it’s a popular mobile option that’s accepted in more and more casinos every day.

It also has a £30 daily limit, which could be both an advantage and a disadvantage. One thing is certain – it’s the safest payment option you’ll find at online casinos today.

If credit cards are banned, you can always use another bank card. Yet, there are always other, safer choices to consider.

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