fable casino promotionsFable Casino is offering the hottest promotion in the industry this summer: there are four different bonuses that come with it and you can claim each of them three times. This builds up to £999 bonus money and 255 extra spins on various surprise games!

Aside from that, Fable Casino offers many other promotions, so these bonuses don’t sum up every ongoing promotion you can find at our casino at the moment. This is just one promotion offering multiple bonuses, so don’t forget to check our promotions if you’re looking for more.

Cool Fun In The Hot Sun At Fable Casino

fable casino logoWe’re not letting the summer sneak past unnoticed. That’s why we decided to make August a special month. A month that you wouldn’t easily forget. Make the best of this promotion and join the fun while it isn’t too late. Don’t forget – each of these bonuses can be used three times. That’s a dozen bonuses in total. So, if you enjoy a bonus, you can take it again, and then again! Here’s what you can choose from:

  • Deposit £10 or more and get 10 extra spins on a surprise game
  • Deposit £25 or more and get 25 extra spins on another surprise game from the hottest slots at Fable Casino
  • Deposit £50 or more and get 50 extra spins on a new featured slot
  • Deposit £20 or more and get a reload bonus of 30% up to £333

Getting Those £999 And 255 Extra Spins

All these bonuses are active until the 31st of August at 23:59 (GMT), so you still got plenty of time to get hundreds of extra spins or bonus cash for free. Choose whichever bonus you want when you make a deposit by using deposit codes.

  • For 10 extra spins use deposit code: 10FS
  • For 25 extra spins use deposit code: 25FS
  • For 50 extra spins use deposit code: 50FS
  • For 30% reload bonus use deposit code: 33

The order in which you claim these bonuses is not important, and you don’t have to claim them all. It’s all up to you, so make yourself comfortable in that hammock and dive into endless casino action.

But wait, we didn’t even get to the coolest part of this August promotion – the surprise element. You won’t know the game your extra spins will allow you to play for free until you get them. Sounds like a bad idea? On the contrary, all the games are going to be from the list of either featured, new or the hottest slots at Fable Casino, so there’s no way this could let you down. It’ll be a chance to try a new awesome game if anything!

Any Conditions At All?

cool fun in the hot sun august promotionThere are no secret asterisks or hidden conditions on this offer. Just like with all the promotions at Fable Casino, these bonuses are valid for a period of seven days, starting from the day the bonus is received. During this period, players have to meet the wagering requirements of 50x to be able to withdraw. The same applies to the winnings made with bonus money. Sounds like something you could do while you’re tanning in the sun? Deposit today and make this summer count.

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