How PayPal Can Help Problem Gambling

As much as we all love online gambling, it cannot be denied that problem gambling is a very serious issue.

Stories of problem gambling are, unfortunately, commonplace, and many health officials are deeply concerned about the increasing numbers of those with very serious gambling addictions.

As we all know, the PayPal casino is ubiquitous in the online gambling market, and many of us love the ease of using this trailblazing electronic payment service.

However, we don’t think PayPal’s value stops there. We believe that if PayPal is used in the right way it can be help curb problem gambling and overspending. In this article, we will explain why.

UK Problem Gambling – The Figures

  • UK problem gambling on the rise according to the Gambling Commission and NHS figures
  • Problem gambling can lead to serious harm on many levels
  • Political figures such as Tom Watson and Tracey Crouch have called for more action to be taken on the issue

Tom WatsonThe numbers and statistics of problem gambling make for some grim reading. The Gambling Commission has stated that there are 430,000 problem gamblers in the UK and 2 million are currently ‘at risk’.

The National Gambling Helpline says that it took 29,889 calls in 2017-18, a significant increase from 22,875 in 2013-14.

The Daily Telegraph recently revealed that NHS figures show that a record number of gambling addicts were hospitalised last year.

Problem GamblerMore than 100 people were admitted due to severe pathological gambling addiction which required hospital treatment – that was a 50% increase on last year.

The effects of serious gambling problems can be disastrous both for the individual and their families. Problem gambling can lead to higher levels of physical and mental illness, significant debt issues, relationship problems, criminality and worse.

Evidently, problem gambling is an increasing problem and, in our opinion, as an industry and society, we need to tackle the problem more forthrightly.

Problem Gambling – How PayPal Can Help

PayPal might not be the first thing which springs to mind when you consider problem gambling, but we think that if it is utilised in the right way, it can certainly aid problem gamblers.

PayPal can be a great tool not only for problem gamblers, but for those who would like to impose sensible limits on their gambling spending.

Problems With Bank Accounts and Problem Gambling

Card Payment Online CasinoIf a gambler uses their bank account to fund their gambling they have all their account balance and overdrafts to play with. Ultimately, gamblers have access to a big chunk of money which is not exactly ideal for problem gamblers.

Simply put, if players have access to more money, this makes problem gambling and overspending more likely.

PayPal Without a Linked Bank Account

We can all agree that whilst PayPal is definitely a payment service, it certainly isn’t a bank account. Indeed, PayPal can be used in an altogether different way.

So, the trick is to sign-up for a PayPal account without linking a bank account or credit/debit card to the account. That way, PayPal purchases can only be funded through your actual PayPal balance.

This type of account will still allow you to receive money and payments from other PayPal users, but your PayPal spending will be limited to what is actually in your PayPal account.

So, players could ask a friend or relative to send money to their PayPal account. Players could then use this money to deposit at their casino of choice.

PayPal On Laptop And Slot CharactersOf course, we are not suggesting that gamblers don’t immediately pay the money back to their helpful friend after the money has hit their PayPal account; This is an essential ingredient to the recipe!

This approach to casino depositing allows you to use your PayPal account as a casino depositing voucher system of sorts, where you can only deposit the money which is sitting in your PayPal balance, and no more.

This little trick allows gamblers to think twice about how much they can realistically afford to spend at a casino, rather than mindlessly adding to their casino bank balance with a swift click of a button.

And, let’s be honest, most of us would probably not want to ask for hundreds, or even thousands of pounds from our friends and relatives to fund our gambling in one chunk.

So, not only will casino spending be limited to what is in your PayPal bank balance, it will also make you think twice about how much you spend at the casino in the first place.

What this all amounts to is responsible, sensible and safe gambling, and that is what we should all be striving for.

UK Problem Gambling Going Forward

There are no easy solutions to problem gambling, and it appears that more needs to be done on many levels to tackle this growing problem.

There will almost certainly be changes at some level within the online gambling industry to help tackle the issue, with more and more worrying stories and trends circulating in the media.

When The Fun Stops StopInventive ideas and approaches can help steer players away from the very slippery road of gambling addiction.

We think that if PayPal, or any other service for that matter is used in a creative way, overspending can be curbed, and players can control their gambling in a more structured and concrete manner. We believe that such approaches could be especially helpful for gamblers who are ‘at risk’.

Do you have any ideas of how problem gambling can be tackled or anything you would like to share? Just comment in the box below to start the conversation.


Pay by Phone Casinos | Top 5 New Netent Slots (October 2018)

NetEnt LogoNetEnt is one of the big software providers out there whose games are definitely worth keeping an eye on. With fresh new slots coming out basically on a monthly basis, there’s always a new game to look forward to.

One of the greatest things about NetEnt’s slots is also how they’re compatible with everything. They definitely have a taste for the pragmatic.

You can play all their games on your mobile at the pay by phone casino of your choice and play without any hassle whatsoever.

Let’s check out their end-of-summer slots. What kind of exciting features have they included in their latest bunch?

September 2018 Release: Double Stacks

double stacks netentNetEnt describes this slot game as a tribute to traditional pub fruities. And with the lightshow graphics and familiar symbols, we can definitely see the inspiration.

You’ll be transported right back to that old homey pub down the street where you used to play your favourite slots!

The classic 5×3 reels have 10 paylines that players can bet on. With an RTP at 96.10%, you’re bound to get a steady trickle of wins in to boost your bank roll.

As with many of NetEnt’s games, it’s compatible with everything – from desktop to mobile to tablets, in all the brands you can think of. Features include:

  • Double stacks
  • Free spins
  • Stacked symbol

There are 8 symbols total. The fruits (cherries, lemons, plums, watermelons) are the least-paying out of them all.

Players chase 4 premium symbols (bar, diamond, bells, seven) to get high pay-outs. If you manage to get some combos with the diamond symbol, you can hit a jackpot worth 1000x your initial bet!

True to NetEnt, there’s also an extra “free turns” feature which is the gimmick of this slot. Get 3x/4x/5x symbol combos, and you’ll get 5/15/30 free turns respectively.

Wild symbols will come stacked during these free spins. You’ll get an extra bonus piled on top of that if you get 2-5 scatter symbols during your free spins.

August 2018 Release: Berryburst & Berryburst MAX

berryburst netentBerryburst acts as the long-awaited sequel of the NetEnt fan favourite, Starburst. It’s a 5×3 reel with huge amounts of Cluster Pays.

Like with Starburst, you’ll find expanding, stacked wild re-spins across all 5 reels. These help you to maximize the amount of winning combos you hit!

Its RTP is slightly higher than Double Stacks, at 96.23%. Spin your way through all the available wild features and rake in some of that cash!

As we expected from NetEnt, this game is just as visually impressive and seamless as Starburst. The summertime soundtrack makes you feel like you’re twirling a bunch of plump, colourful fruit in your beach cocktail.

New “MAX” Product Line

If you’d rather a bit more risk than relaxation in your slot games, however, you’ll enjoy the MAX version of the game.

Indeed, with this game, NetEnt have debuted their brand new “MAX” product line!

The MAX edition of Berryburst offers higher win potential using the same game mechanics. NetEnt explains that this serves to “diversify volatility in their game portfolio”.

This means that players can choose whether they prefer more risk and higher payouts, or less risk but lower payouts..

August 2018 Release: Swipe and Roll

swipe and roll netentSwipe and Roll is clearly another lovely tribute to classic fruities. In this case, the game serves up a perfect late-night 60s diner atmosphere!

With 5×3 reels, 20 pays, and a 96.35% RTP, this game is very intuitive to get into. It’s the features that really caught our eye.

Among Swipe and Roll’s features, you’ll get wild re-spins and substitutions. But we were especially interested in the coin wheel feature.

This feature allows random symbols to appear while the reels are still spinning. If you manage to get some coin scatter symbols, you’ll activate the bonus game. Arrow symbols expand your winning area by one row or column, for extra luck!

The bonus game is wonderfully retro, involving three old-fashioned slots that have to be spun individually.

July 2018 Release: Jumanji

jumanji netentYou’ll probably have recognised the name of this slot. That’s because it’s based on the much-loved, classic Sony Entertainment movie, Jumanji!

What with the new Jumanji movie that came out in 2017, NetEnt clearly noticed the renewal of interest for Jumanji content. And they delivered a game that all Jumanji fans will definitely appreciate.

The background is the Jumanji playing board, with the reels being the board tiles. Players will be spinning the usual 5 reels, and betting on 36 paylines.

Monsters and catastrophes that happen in the movie feature in the slots, too. For instance, scattering wilds are animated as the wild stampede of rhinos from the movies.

With a 96.3% RTP and 4 exciting features including a “mystery feature”, players are bound to get sucked right into this game, even if you’re not familiar with Jumanji.

July 2018 Release: Fairytale Legends: Mirror Mirror

fairytales mirror mirror netentWe thought we’d reserve an honourable mention for this game, even though it’s not quite “recent” any more.

Mirror Mirror is the latest in NetEnt’s Fairytale Legends series. It comes after Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel. This one is, as you’ve probably guessed, based on Snow White.

Our beloved princess hosts the game, standing at the left bottom corner. Staying true to the story, the designers even included the dwarves’ mines in the background.

With 243 paylines, this game is definitely worth a shot if you’ve enjoyed the Fairytale series so far!

Was PayPal Right Raising Venmo Prices? Our Thoughts

PayPal LogoYou may not have heard but PayPal recently acquired the payment service Venmo, a fast-growing payment app which many people use around the world. It's a fast, handy way of paying people and some gamblers use it at mobile casinos.

It has come to light, however, that PayPal will be increasing all Venmo fees by 1% in an effort to make more money. This has caused a lot of backlash from avid Venmo customers, who say that the increase is both unfair and unnecessary.

How does this affect mobile gamblers? Should we be worried about further increases? Find out our thoughts by reading on.

What Is Venmo?

venmo success paypalWhile not widely used by mobile players, Venmo is handy for making quick, easy payments. In principle, it's very similar to PayPal but unique in that users can share and like payments and the purchases they make. Think of it as a financial transaction/social media hybrid.

It's very popular among young people, especially millennials, who have reported the service to be extremely convenient and simple to use.

Here are the sort of things you can do with Venmo:

  • Make payments by linking your bank account, debit/credit card to your Venmo balance
  • Transfer Venmo balance to your bank account balance
  • Transfer money quickly with just a phone number, email address or username
  • Split payments with friends and family
  • Share payments and purchases on a social feed with a quirky comment so the whole business seems less dry

The Backlash

Many have taken to this new development with less than kind opinions.  Indeed, a lot of loyal Venmo users took to Twitter to protest PayPal's decision to raise the price on using it, some even going as far as deleting the app altogether.

In an effort to defend themselves, PayPal responded  with the following statement:

“The change reflects the value that Venmo’s services offer […]  There’s a lot left in front of us. It’ll be a multiyear journey.”

It would seem that this is a multiyear journey not many Venmo users want to share.

Our Thoughts

While few mobile gamblers may be impacted by this fee (as this largely affects US users for the most part and it's not clear what kind of transactions will be charged), it does seem an awful way of PayPal trying to squeeze more money out of users.

Venmo users aren't too pleased with it. Yes, convenience is a priority but should that come with an increase in transaction fees? We honestly don't think so. Unless you're exchanging money overseas then there shouldn't be any hidden transaction fees from the consumer.

We here at Fable Casino prize transparency above all else. Check out our mobile casino and make a deposit yourself and see!

Google Pixel 3 Released – Should a Mobile Gambler Buy It?

google pixel 3 mobile gamblingThe Google Pixel 3 smartphone was just introduced to the public. It’s the newest Google mobile phone available in the US, the UK and Australia.

Many people are praising it for its camera, which is easily the best one that Google has ever offered. However, there’s much more than that.

So, today, we’re taking a look at this brand new mobile device from the gambler’s perspective. Is it worth the price or is it better not to throw away your old mobile for gambling just yet?

Google Pixel 3 News

google pixel 3 xl specsThe new smartphone was introduced on the 9th of October, 2018. It comes in several sets of hardware, including different storage capacities and phone size.

You’ll be able to choose between:

  • 64GB and 128GB internal storage
  • 5’5 screen (Google Pixel 3) and 6’3 screen (Google Pixel 3 XL)

It is also coming in three different colours, namely black, white and mint. This is one of the few things about this phone that’s actually nothing out of the ordinary. That is, as far as previous Google releases go.

Now, here’s the most important part. How much does the device cost? The price is far from modest as UK customers can have it for £739 and £839. The prices apply to the 64GB version and 128GB internal storage version respectively.

Is Google Pixel 3 worth it? Let’s find out.

What’s New About This Smartphone?

google pixel 3 sizeAside from the dual lens front camera, Google Pixel 3 XL has a resolution of 1440×2960. This results in a good PPI density too, which is above 500. These characteristics are much lower on the non-XL version, though.

The device will come with Android 9.0 OS and an Octa-Core, which should run many apps simultaneously with ease. While you don’t really need internal storage for playing online, even the 128GB option is rather low in today’s standards.

Not only that, the internal storage will have to do because there’s no microSD slot on the device. All versions of Google Pixel 3 will have 4GB RAM, which is also not an improvement in general.

Better than Galaxy Note 9 or iPhone XS?

samsung galaxy note 9 mobile gamblingBased on these basic statistics, Google Pixel 3 does not outdo the newest mobiles from other brands. For example, both Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone XS have 512GB storage. The Android also has twice as much RAM and a microSD slot.

True, the Samsung is more expensive than the new Google device. However, the price difference isn’t as big as the hardware differences, which put Google Pixel 3 behind.

Google Pixel 3 in Online Gambling

Unfortunately, it isn’t the very best phone in the market today. However, Google Pixel 3 is still an amazing choice for mobile gamblers. It’s a high-end device that will run your games flawlessly and serve you for hours on end.

However, when its price adds to the equation, we just don’t think it’s the best option right now. There are some cheaper alternatives that will give you the same advantages.

Besides, there are quite a few disadvantages of Google Pixel 3 that punters on mobile won’t enjoy:

  • No 3.5mm jack
  • No microSD card slot
  • 4GB is enough, but there could be more
  • Non-XL version has only 1080×2160 pixel resolution

depositing by phone billAs a result, you’ll need wireless earphones or headphones to play casino games in public. The low storage will limit the ways you can use the phone. You might also experience problems on casinos with downloadable software.

Also, you could get a mobile with more RAM for the same price. This would run your installed software, such as casino apps, more smoothly.

Finally, the larger your mobile screen size, the easier, more comfortable and immersive the gameplay is. With the non-XL version, you won’t get the best experience possible.

In Conclusion

No, Google Pixel 3 isn’t worth its price, especially for mobile gamblers. However, it will still run all the games well. Therefore, if you want the new Google smartphone, by all means, buy it and have fun. We aren’t here to spoil that!

Google Pixel 3 is a decent device for mobile gambling. However, there are better options in the same price range, such as Galaxy Note 9.

How 3 of PayPal’s Biggest Competitors Are Contesting It’s Online Payment Crown

PayPal LogoSince it's inception in 2002, PayPal has grown into the world's largest online checkout platform. It now boasts a huge network of consumers and merchants, who both use and accept the payment service, and this is a network that is growing by the day too.

However, although it may seem like PayPal isn't going anywhere any time soon, the payment brand isn't without its competitors. In fact, as the online commerce world continues to grow rapidly, so does the number of alternative payment services.

More Competitors Than Ever Before

This means that PayPal now faces an increasing number of threats from newer companies and even established companies who are now trying to emulate PayPal's success.

Whilst this does mean that PayPal's position in the industry could turn precarious at any point, it also means that online consumers (and online casino players) have more options than ever before.

In today's blog post, we're looking at three of the newest PayPal competitors, and how they could give the household name a run for its money.

Masterpass and Visa Checkout

Visa Checkout and Masterpass LogosIf you regularly shop online, you may already be familiar with the logos of Masterpass and Visa Checkout. These are, as their names suggest, two online wallets offered by Mastercard and Visa respectively.

Both of these services work in a similar way to PayPal, in that they allow for faster checkouts by simply requiring a single login, instead of entering your full card details each time you pay for something.

The Pros of Masterpass and Visa Checkout

For us, the most obvious advantage that both MasterPass and Visa Checkout have over PayPal is that they already have access to hundreds of millions of customers. Almost everyone has either a Mastercard or a Visa card and so their brands are instantly recognizable.

The Cons of Masterpass and Visa Checkout

Although Mastercard and Visa are very well-known brands, the biggest flaw in both of their online checkout services is that they haven't invested in their mobile interfaces.

Nowadays more and more people are familiar with the PayPal interface. This means they can already navigate their way around PayPal and aren't likely to be inclined to use a new, more complicated system.

Xoom and Venmo

Xoom Logo Xoom and Venmo are both payment services which are now owned by PayPal. Whilst this means that they can't really be competitors to PayPal financially, they could compete with the brand in terms of popularity.

Xoom is essentially a worldwide money service, much like Western Union. It allows consumers to make send money, pay bills and reload mobile phones internationally. What's more, as Xoom is now partnered with Ria, you can send money to another person online, and they can pick it up in cash.

Contrastingly, Venmo was invented to allow you to pay friends and split bills. It is designed to make transfers easy, informal, and quick. Venmo also taps into the social media trend of today's society, as it allows for you to send comments, messages and emojis with your payments.

The Pros of Xoom and Venmo

Essentially, Xoom and Venmo can both be considered competitors to PayPal in terms of how well they solve different problems. Each has its own specific place in the payment industry, which can seem more comforting than using a payment service which promises to excel at everything

The Cons of Xoom and Venmo

Both Xoom and Venmo are currently only available to US users. What's more, neither service can be used to purchase goods from online vendors, without having to use PayPal as well.

Of course, the whole purpose of both Xoom and Venmo is to be specialized services, and so we think that PayPal has actually been very smart by purchasing both brands.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay LogoIf you've felt a bit clueless whilst working your way through this page, then at least you're probably already familiar with Apple Pay. Apple Pay, as the name suggests, is Apple's very own e-wallet and checkout service.

Statistically, Apple Pay is PayPal's current nearest competitor, with 127 million users to PayPal's 210 million. What's more, Apple Pay is now forging more partnerships constantly, with over 2,700 institutions now supporting the service.

The Pros of Apple Pay

One of the major advantages Apple Pay has over PayPal is that it's accepted at physical checkouts as well as online. This means you can use the service to buy goods in the real world.

This is beneficial as it means that you can use one e-wallet for everything. What's more, as it's intrinsically linked to your phone, it's always at hand.

The Cons of Apple Pay

As we've just mentioned, Apple Pay is intrinsically linked to your phone. However, naturally, it's only intrinsically linked to Apple phones.

This alienates a whole portion of the industry and could be the reason why Apple Pay is doomed to always fall behind PayPal.

PayPal's Perpetual Growth

paypal funds nowWhilst we do think that each of the payment methods mentioned above have their own place within the market, we just can't see any even coming anywhere near close to PayPal's success.

What's more, PayPal has had a cracking 2018 and therefore it's popularity doesn't look likely to be slowing down any time soon.

Here's just some of PayPal's impressive statistics from this year alone:

  • Shares in PayPal have reached an all-time high this year, increasing by 25%
  • PayPal, and its subsidiaries have had over 40 million app downloads in the last year
  • In the second quarter of 2018, PayPal had over 600,000 daily users, which is more than double of what its competitors achieved.

All in all, we think this is quite clear proof that PayPal isn't about to lose it's crown, which means that paying with PayPal (and playing at a PayPal casino) is still very attractive.

What Do You Think?

Whether you're a true PayPal fan or you prefer using a different method, we'd love to hear from you!

Tell us which banking method you love to use and why, or if there's anything which you think your payment method of choice is missing.

If you are a PayPal user, is there anything which could persuade you to use a different service, should it be invented?

Leave a comment below and we'll be sure to get back to you.