The Pocket-Sized Revolution: How Bitcoin is Changing Pay by Phone Gambling Forever

bitcoin phoneIf you’ve never considered gambling with Bitcoin before, you’re missing out.

Cryptocurrencies have been around for long enough now that even regular, non-Bitcoin users have at least heard about Bitcoin.

Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology it’s based on can be difficult to understand, at first. All you need to remember is that Bitcoin is a completely decentralized internet currency or “crypto currency”.

The technology of the Blockchain allows users to verify data without there being one single authority overseeing all transactions. It’s a foolproof system whose unparalleled security leaves a lot of other online payment options running for their money (no pun intended.)

So what does this mean for smartphone gambling?

Practical Gambling: Buy Bitcoins with your Phone Credit

Nowadays there are more and more Bitcoin casinos appearing. These run exclusively on Bitcoin and have a fail-safe “provably fair gambling” system integrated in their sites.

If you’re a smartphone gambler who is used to the practicality of pay by phone casino, then just wait till you try playing at a Bitcoin casino.

With the pay by phone system, you have the ability to group your casino deposits with your phone bill. It’s a very secure way of gambling, as you haven’t directly linked your casino account to any bank account or specific online wallet.

But with Bitcoin?

It’s even more secure. All you need is a Bitcoin app on your phone, where you’ll be able to have access to your private Bitcoin wallet.

Deposit funds in there, and you can make wagers on your chosen mobile casino without having to go through complicated bank apps or other less secure e-wallets.

You’ll still be paying by phone.

And the best part?

You can buy Bitcoins via your phone credit. So you’ll still essentially be gambling without even having to look at your bank account. And your phone bill will provide you with a paper trail.

But that’s not all.

Full Smartphone Security: Swiss Businesses as Prow-heads of Fintech

We’re entering into an era where access to your finances and records has never been simpler.

On October 9th 2018, Geneva will host a Bitcoin Conference where cryptocurrency experts and analysts will discuss how Blockchain technologies can be implemented for much more than opening an online wallet.

The main points of discussion for this year’s panel will be the concept of voting via smartphone, thanks to the Blockchain-powered eID system.

The idea is to enable users to safely do all of these things via their phone:

  • File tax declarations
  • Register residence
  • Use passport services
  • Vote

So really, Bitcoin tech goes way beyond just gambling.

How many times have you squinted at casino terms and conditions, wondering if it would be safe to give them your personal data? How often have you been paranoid when hearing stories about casinos swindling their players’ money and data?

Imagine a world where you could store and transfer even the most sensitive data with your phone.

Technically, that ultra-secure world is already beginning to exist. The Swiss city Zug is known to be Switzerland’s “crypto-valley”, because it has a functional Blockchain system used by several businesses and projects.

In fact, 75% of Swiss businesses plan on integrating Bitcoin technology within the next 3 years. Zug citizens who use Bitcoin can even withdraw fiat money in Bitcoin ATMs.

So if you choose to opt for Bitcoin for your mobile gambling, you’ll be preparing yourself for the fintech revolution that is right on our doorstep.

So what do you think? Are you ready to take the step and get going with Bitcoin?

PayPal: Online Gambler’s New Best Choice for Casino Deposits

paypal funds nowThe new Funds Now feature by PayPal grants instant payouts to the casinos accepting deposits via PayPal. So, gambling sites are now much more likely to prioritize PayPal as their main casino payment method.

Therefore, users who are willing to start using PayPal can expect significant advantages.

  • Casinos will likely introduce bonuses exclusive to PayPal depositors
  • PayPal will become a more popular online casino payment method
  • PayPal users at online casinos might get better terms for already existing bonuses
  • The casino e-wallet will become more valuable to casino operators and their customers

All this can be expected thanks to that single but highly promising feature. The instant payouts of casino profits gained from PayPal transactions can mean a lot to some operators. As a casino player, you won’t see it happen, but you will definitely feel its impact as you gamble.

PayPal Launches Funds Now

paypal casino and slotsPayPal is continuously trying to stay at the top of its market. Funds Now is a perfect example of this, giving PayPal an edge over its competitors.

The new ‘Funds Now’ feature is dedicated to businesses which use PayPal to make their transactions. What it does is pay out the company profits from PayPal as soon as they get them. In this case, it’s when a casino player makes a deposit.

Meanwhile, other companies that process casino deposits and withdrawals aren’t that swift. It can take days or even weeks for the casino operators to claim their own casino profits. So, PayPal’s competitors like Skrill and Neteller aren’t as beneficial in this respect.

PayPal’s Funds Now makes their payments platform a better choice for transactions than ever.

Funds Now for Online Casino Operators

In short, PayPal casinos in the UK have an advantage they’ve never had before because:

  • Funds Now is a free feature, meaning all trusted PayPal casinos can get it
  • It has already launched in the UK
  • It provides the operators with more flexibility and new opportunities

PayPal is offering the feature at zero cost, so there’s no reason not to take it. Besides, it’s already making an impact in some countries. The United Kingdom is one of those countries too.

With the new feature, PayPal allows claiming and reinvesting the profits without the need to wait. It’s something that no online casino operator would say “no” to. It gives them more flexibility and better business opportunities.

It’s no wonder that online casinos look forward to a feature that’s both useful and free.

What This Means for Online Punters

Since PayPal has become more appealing to the casino businesses, they’ll try to use it more too. One of the ways they can do it is by offering PayPal deposits and withdrawals at their online sites.

Even if they do so already, it would make sense for them to make PayPal e-wallet more popular. After all, if more players deposited by PayPal, more funds would be available to the house instantly.

As a result:

We can expect new business strategies that emphasise PayPal online and mobile e-wallet. That’s where the casino players should pay more attention.

As PayPal increases its appeal to the casinos, casino operators will, in turn, try to sell the players on it too.

PayPal Casino Gambler's Exclusive Offers

There are many ways a casino can lead the player to use PayPal instead of any other service. A bonus for PayPal depositors or even a slight change in payment-related terms could do the trick.

Thus, a PayPal casino that wishes more of its players used PayPal deposits and withdrawals could offer:

  • Special bonuses i.e. 25% reload match or 25 free spins when using PayPal
  • Tournaments or prize raffles for PayPal users exclusively
  • Removed casino fees on PayPal deposits and withdrawals
  • Lower minimum deposit limits for PayPal
  • Altered bonus terms where using PayPal would be more beneficial

We don’t have to tell about the creativity of online casino bonuses and features. So, you can expect a lot of original and new opportunities for PayPal users.

Considering the bonuses your PayPal casino might offer, PayPal is likely to become the new best choice for casino transactions.

Everything You Need to Know About the iPhone XS: Is it Really Worth the Price Tag?

Apple WWDC Logo 2018Last night, Apple held their annual WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) in California. With it, CEO Tim Cook unveiled that the brand will be launching three brand new iPhones this year: The iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR.

Each one of thee phones is said to be better than the last, yet each also comes with a brand-new, mind-boggling price tag. In fact, the iPhone XS Max will be Apple's most expensive phone to date. So what makes it so special?

In today's blog post, we're talking about what new features each new iPhone has, and whether or not they're worth buying.

2018 Apple Event – The Key Announcements

Before we get into discussing each new phone in detail, we first thought it was best to take an overview of what was announced at the event:

  • Apple revealed the new iPhone XS, which starts at £999
  • They also revealed the XS Max, a larger version of the XS, which will retail for between £1,099 and £1,449 – making it Apple's most expensive iPhone  ever
  • There will be a cheaper option (thank god) too, which will be the XR. This also comes in six colour options
  • All new phones will run on iOS 12 which will be available for download on the 17th September
  • Apple killed off three old iPhone models: the iPhone X, the iPhone 6S and the iPhone SE

The iPhone XS and XS Max

iPhone XS and XS MaxThe biggest news of the 2018 Apple event was that they will be releasing a new smartphone this week. Of course, this news was to be expected, but we didn't know until yesterday what it would be called or what new features it will offer.

The new Apple smartphone is named the XS (pronounced as the 10 S, and not as the ironic sounding ‘excess'), and it will come in three colourways; Gold, Silver and Space Grey.

The iPhone XS will also come in two sizes, 5.8 inches and 6.5 inches, with the latter being named the XS Max. The XS Max will, therefore, boast the biggest iPhone screen in existence.

iPhone XS and XS Max New Features

Both new phones come with several new features:

  • They will run on a brand new A12 processor, which should run up to 50% faster than their previously newest chip.
  • The iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max will both come with facial recognition technology, allowing you to unlock your phone by scanning your face.
  • Both new phones will also boast Dual SIM support, which allows you to use two SIM cards at once and therefore, two phone numbers too.
  • Both new phones will feature dual 12-megapixel cameras, which offer stabilization, 2x optical zoom, and portrait mode – which allows depth control when taking photos.
  • Both new phones will run on the new iOS 12 software. This includes ‘Siri Shortcuts' which allows you to carry out multiple tasks with a single command. Siri Shortcuts can also be linked to non-Apple apps, such as home heating devices and other brands of music speakers and equipment.

How Much Does the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Cost?

As is to be expected, the new Apple smartphones come with wince-inducing price tags. Both phones are available in three different memory sizes and will be priced as follows:

  • iPhone XS (64gb) – £999
  • iPhone XS (256gb) – £1,149
  • iPhone XS (512gb) – £1,349
  • iPhone XS Max (64gb) – £1,099
  • iPhone XS Max (256gb) – £1,249
  • iPhone XS Max (512gb) – £1,449

When Will the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Be Available to Purchase?

Both phones will be available for pre-order from the 14th of September and will be shipped from the 21st of September.

The iPhone XR – The Budget Buy

In addition to the iPhone XS and XS Max, Apple also unveiled that they'll be launching a third new smartphone – the iPhone XR. Designed to be a more ‘budget' (and we use that word with a touch of cynicism), the iPhone XR will boast most of the same new features as the XS and XS Max, but with a lower-quality exterior and screen.

iPhone XR Features and Differences

iPhone XR

The iPhone XR will include many of the same features as the other two new phones, including:

  • The all-new A12 processor
  • Facial recognition
  • iOS 12
  • Dual SIM Support

There are, however, some notable differences between the XR and the XS and XS Max. Some of these differences are beneficial, yet some explain why the XR has a cheaper price tag:

  • The iPhone XR is available in six different colours: white, black, blue, yellow, coral and red.
  • Whilst both the iPhone XS and the XS Max will boast OLED screens, the XR will come with an LCD screen, which means that graphics won't appear as sharp.
  • The iPhone XR will come with cheaper, aluminium casing, as opposed to the stainless steel casing of the XS and XS Max.
  • The iPhone XR has only one 12-megapixel camera, which means it doesn't offer the same stabilisation or 2x optical zoom as the XS and XS Max models. However, it will still offer the Portrait mode depth of field controls.
  • The iPhone XR offers 1.5 more hours of battery life than the XS and XS Max.

How Much Does the iPhone XR Cost?

Touted as a budget-buy, the iPhone XR is significantly cheaper than the XS and XS Max – and therein lies it's appeal.

That being said, the XR is still, definitely not cheap. It comes in three different storage sizes, and the prices are as follows:

  • iPhone XR (64gb) – £749
  • iPhone XR (128gb) – £799
  • iPhone XR (256gb) – £899

When Will the iPhone XR Be Available to Purchase?

The iPhone XR will not be available to pre-order until the 19th of October. Shipping of the phone will then commence on the 26th of October.

So, Which New iPhone Should You Buy?

Verdict StampEssentially, unless you're in desperate need of a new smartphone, you shouldn't buy any of the new iPhones listed above. Here at GoWin, we wouldn't like to encourage consumer capitalism, yet if you are in the market for a new iPhone, you may want to hear our verdict.

The iPhone XS is the newest, standard, model and it's the phone we'd go for if we were to purchase one of the three phones mentioned above. It provides an array of new features and a high-spec design which will suit all our pay by phone casino needs.

Alternatively, we'd also recommend the XR. It's cheaper, it looks great, and although it doesn't have the same high-quality screen, graphics still appear bright and crisp.

That being said, owners of last year's iPhone X may feel that a new purchase is unnecessary, as none of these new phones offers enough new features to explain their new, much higher, price tag.

PayPal Casinos Set To Gain Momentum As PayPal Perpetually Grows

paypal casino sites growthPayPal casino sites are expected to gain momentum as PayPal itself continues growing.

The company’s stocks are sky-rocketing at an enviable rate these days. All of this is thanks to the many new features and services PayPal has introduced in the recent years.

The latest of these new features is a P2P update for PayPal app that was launched on 23 August 2018. This has changed the app to favour user personalization and peer-to-peer payments.

The full effect of this improvement is yet to be seen, but things are looking pretty good for PayPal.

How PayPal Casino Sites Are Involved

PayPal has a strict policy regarding gambling, which they see as a risky business. Therefore, to be able to use PayPal payments for gambling, each casino operator needs individual approval from PayPal.

Here’s what they say about gambling in their policy:

PayPal prohibits [gambling] activities, even where the specific activity is lawful and/or is not legally defined as gambling, unless the transactions are associated with an approved merchant.

This has led PayPal casino sites to become less widespread than casinos with other payment options.

However, it doesn’t change the fact that more than 240 million people use PayPal. It’s an easy and safe method or transferring funds, which is perfect for online gambling.

The bottom line is:

As PayPal increases its volume, their services will become more attractive than ever. Most importantly, this concerns PayPal casino online deposits and withdrawals as well as e-commerce and P2P payments.

PayPal’s Growth in 2018

PayPal casinos are a small part of this business, yet it’s the current leader in the online payments market. Just take a look at their statistics and see for yourself:

  • PayPal shares have increased by 25 per cent this year and reached the all-time high
  • PayPal, Venmo and Xoom (all PayPal services) had over 40 million downloads over the last four quarters
  • 600,000 daily users used the PayPal app in the second quarter of 2018; that is a double of what its competitors achieved
  • PayPal shares and revenue surpassed most expectations of the industry experts

What’s more, they don’t seem to be stopping now and the company plans to grow even further.

Venmo’s Success and P2P Update

venmo success paypalVenmo, the main P2P app in the US, is in large part responsible for this success. It is run by PayPal and it has succeeded in the peer-to-peer payments niche, attracting millions of Americans.

Plus, PayPal has monetized the app in 2017. As a result, it is now as valuable an asset to the company as the main PayPal app itself.

Then, the P2P update came on the aforementioned PayPal app. While you could make person-to-person payments with it before, it is now easier to do than ever.

PayPal For All Online Transactions

So, we will undoubtedly see a rise in the popularity of PayPal in all markets. It makes sense because the company is offering a united platform for all kinds of transactions. Users will be able to do loads of operations using one single method, such as:

  • Buy items and services
  • Send money to friends
  • Donate cash
  • Gamble
  • And more

This means only one thing:

Although these updates and changes don’t concern PayPal casino sites directly, the gambling industry will still feel the change. There have always been many good reasons to play at PayPal casinos.

However, they will be even more alluring now as our life without PayPal is becoming unimaginable.

So why gamble elsewhere when PayPal has got you covered in the casino world as well?