Month: February 2018

Fable Casino’s ‘Winter Of Love’ Promotion Gives You Extra Spins and Reload Bonuses

Although Valentine’s Day may be over, here at Fable Casino we’re not quite done with spreading the love just yet! That’s why all the way throughout February we’re giving our players extra spins and bonuses each time they deposit. In fact, there’s up to 210 extra spins up for grabs for every player, and £1,260 worth of bonuses to gain too! Read on for the full promotional details, including how to get involved.

Three Slots Which Will Keep You Spinning For Longer

People visit online casinos for many different reasons, but one of the biggest is to relax. Spinning slots can help take your mind of the stress of everyday life, but in these circumstances the kind of game you choose is important. If you want to unwind by playing your favourite game, you may also want to make sure your money isn swallowed up too fast. Today, we’ve rounded up three of our favourite slots, all of which are low variance, and therefore can keep you spinning for much longer.

Do Great Slots Always Have Many Special Features?

Slots are very different from one another. Some of them have loads of special features while others almost don’t have them at all. It’s natural to think that the more features a slot has, the better, more interesting and lucrative it is. But is that always the case? We don’t think it’s as straightforward as that. Let’s take a look at the benefits and drawbacks that bonus features bring to the gameplay of the slot and to the player.

NetEnt Buys Copyrights To Vikings, The Acclaimed TV Series

TV show-based slots are very popular recently. The same applies to movies and TV series. One such TV show is about to be adapted for online gamblers too. NetEnt has just bought copyrights to the acclaimed TV series Vikings. The series has five seasons already and millions of fans all around the world. How will the Vikings slot look like, though? That’s too early to say, but it will be released before the end of this year.