Play’n Go to Release Big Win Cat — Another Disappointing Slot

There are few things more depressing than an uninspiring slot and unfortunately that’s what Play’n Go has been delivering with all too much regularity over the last couple of months. Last month saw the release of Mermaid’s Diamonds, which we lampooned for its lack of unique features, but it seems the developer is at it again. The announcement came that next month it’ll be releasing Big Win Cat — a Chinese cat themed game which seems never to have heard the word ‘originality.’

Play’n Go just don’t seem to get a consistent lucky break these days. We quite rightfully lampooned their release last month of Mermaid’s Diamonds, which simply regurgitated the well-trodden tropes of ‘under the sea’ themed slots. We really thought things had turned around this month, with the release of the exciting, electrifying and scientific Reactoonz, which actually brought some new ideas to the table. Yet, with the announcement of next month’s release, all hope went out the window…


About Big Win Cat

The slot game Play’n Go plans to release next month will go by the name of Big Win Cat. And the theme? We'd say hugely unimaginative, based around those lucky Chinese welcome cats that wave at you. Officially, the setting is meant to be a Chinese souvenir shop and really, we feel like this game would be right at home among the cheap tat and rip off fakes you find in tourist shops. Symbols include flowery fans, turtles, pigs and goldfish — absolutely nothing that’s going to massively inspire.

Not only is the theme going to be simple and tired, but the gameplay is going to be basic two. There are just three reels and five fixed paylines across them. Moreover, the game comes with a relative low return to player rate of 96.15% over a pretty medium volatility slot. Not very much at all to get excited about. You’re able to bet only between 5p and £25 on a single spin, so there’s not much on offer for high rollers. And while there are a couple of special features, we stress that they’re certainly not anything to write home about.


Special Features Of Big Win Cat

Play'N Go LogoSo, let’s get into those special features which so resoundingly failed to excite us. There’s a wild, which is the Big Win Cat logo itself. Then there’s standard re-spins, stacked symbols and extra spins which all congregate in different arrangements to create special ways to win, but not which are particularly exciting.

The one silver lining in the whole game is the Wheel of Multipliers feature. It’s not often triggered, but if you are lucky enough to find yourself on the receiving end of the Wheel of Multipliers, you can spin a wheel of fortune style reel. This way, you can claim multipliers that are worth up to 10x your initial win, which is, hands down, the best way to make money in this game.


What’s Going On With Play’n Go?

Honestly, it feels like many of the last few releases we’ve seen out from Play’n Go have simply been phoned in and thrown together with little passion. Although it’s never been the most ground breaking of developers, previous releases such as Grim Muerto, Tower Quest and Oily Business all proved that there was at least some level of original creativity on offer at the company.

That said, it’s always been a developer, which has released hits and misses in quick succession. It’s never really been interested in big blockbuster titles, and instead has focused on simply churning out colourful slots with neutral themes and mass appeal. Rather than indicating that the developer has lost its way, unfortunately, Big Win Cat is demonstrative of Play’n Go being right on course.

Look out for the Big Win Cat online and mobile slot on the 8th November at all Play'n Go casinos.

Video: How to Make A Mobile Deposit With Trustly At Fable Casino

Trustly is just one of many payment methods available here at Fable Casino. The service allows players to use their existing online banking accounts to make quick, easy and secure deposits in a matter of seconds. It’s the perfect way to fund your account if you’ve found other services to be long-winded or complicated, and it’s completely free to use! In today’s video, we show you exactly how to make a Trustly deposit at Fable Casino and we’ll also talk about some of the benefits of using this mobile depositing method.

Here at Fable Casino, we want all our players to be able to fund their accounts in a quick and easy manner, and to feel comfortable doing so. This is why we offer everyone a diverse and extensive range of depositing methods. At the casino, you can deposit via credit/debit card, with a pre-paid card or through various e-wallet services. You can also make payments through pay by phone and through other mobile depositing services such as Trustly.

Trustly is a banking method that allows players to make instant bank transfer payments to their casino accounts. It's straight-forward, fast and secure, all the things we know our players want from a depositing method. If Trustly sounds like it might be just what you've been searching for, check out this short video guide to learn a bit more about it.

Can't watch the video at the moment? Fear not, as we've broke down exactly how to use Trustly and all it's benefits below.


How To Make A Deposit With Trustly

Trustly casino banking methodIf you want to make a deposit via Trustly, you just need to follow the these four simple steps.

  1. Select ‘Trustly' as your depositing method at Fable Casino.
  2. Input the amount you wish to deposit.
  3. Select which UK bank you wish to use, and login to your account.
  4. Confirm the payment using your bank's security system.

How easy was that? One of the best things about Trustly is that you don't need to set up a specific payment account, like with e-wallets, nor do you need to download any software like a separate app.

Instead, Trustly uses your existing online banking account. We know that inputting these details may seem a little scary at first, but the method is entirely safe, because it uses your bank's security system. For instance, you may need to confirm the payment using a one-time passcode or by using your bank issued card reader.

So, you've managed to complete a Trustly payment within a matter of seconds. Bet you're feeling pretty great right now, aren't you? Want to feel even better? Read on to find out all the advantages of using Trustly over other mobile depositing methods.


Trustly Is Easy To Use

trustly mobile depositAs mentioned above, Trustly makes depositing at the casino a quick and simple affair. This is because it doesn't require you to set up yet another online account. Remembering – or forgetting – unique online usernames and passwords can really cut into your gaming time, and it adds unnecessary stress to the whole process. In contrast, Trustly utilizes your existing online bank account.

Futhermore, Trustly can be used with nearly every major UK bank, including Santander, Barclays, Halifax, Lloyds, The Co-operative Bank, Natwest and The Royal Bank of Scotland. This means that it is a depositing method, which is accessible to everyone. Once you're logged in to your bank, you can also switch between different accounts depending on which you wish for the deposit to come out of.


Trustly Is Secure

PadlockFor first-time users, Trustly can seem a little scary. This is because it requires you to input your online banking details, something which we're hard-wired to protect with our lives! However, Trustly can't actually see your details at any point of the transaction. Furthermore, the fact that all payments must be confirmed using your bank's ‘security token' means that only you can verify the payment.

A bank ‘security token' is the way in which your bank requires you to confirm payments, for example a passcode supplied by text message, a card-reader or a biometric mechanism. This extra step makes Trustly insusceptible to internet fraudsters, as without the banking token the process cannot be completed.


Trustly Is Free

No Fees StampAnother great benefit of using Trustly is the fact that it is always completely free to use. Whilst we never impose transaction fees here at Fable Casino, what you may not know is that some depositing methods do actually have hidden charges.

For instance, some e-wallets will charge you a commission fee for using the service. This means they will take a percentage of your deposit each time you fund your account. You may have never noticed this cost before, as the percentage is usually relatively low of around 1% or less. However, these small fees can add up quickly if you're depositing at the casino regularly.

Furthermore, e-wallet services may charge you extra fees for maintaining your account or penalize you if you're inactive for too long. In contrast, as Trustly uses your online banking account, it's entirely free to use as the service doesn't have to cover costs such as running a separate platform or exchanging currencies.

Dragon Born Mobile Slot Reviewed — 50 Extra Spins Up For Grabs!

With the Dragon Born mobile slot, Big Time Gaming takes us back to the medieval era—the time of dragons, warriors and great fortune. The slot does not just talk a big game, but it does exactly as it says on the tin too. Dragon Born comes with tens and tens of extra spins, multipliers as big as 49x and two full reels of stacked wilds! All of these features combined will bring a humongous rainfall onto your virtual casino wallet. In fact, the potential to win is unlike any other slot you’ll find at your regular casino. If you see Dragon Born on the virtual casino shelf, you should play this slot immediately!

Dragon Born Feature ImageAnother month, another fantastical adventure. This time, Big Time Gaming is taking its players on a truly stunning medieval adventure with Dragon Born. It’s the age-old legend of a rare individual, who is born with the blood and soul of a dragon. It’s this fiery and fantastical spirit that is the inspiration behind the Dragon Born slot. And fiery it is.

Dragon Born offers a whopping 50 extra spins! That’s a whole four minutes of hands-free gameplay, where money will just roll into your account with no effort on your part whatsoever. Add to that a jumbo serving of multipliers (up to 49x), two full reels of stacked wilds and a whole host of well-paying symbols. There’s no other slot out there that is as plentiful.


Game Mechanics

Before we get stuck into the Dragon Born review, allow me to give you a quick refresher course on slots. When choosing which game to play, always remember: the more reels there are in a slot, the more ways there are to win. Dragon Born is built with six reels and 117,649 ways to win! Yes, that’s no typo. On any spin, you could potentially collect cash off 117,649 different paylines. All you need to trigger payouts are at least three similar symbols on adjacent spaces on the board, starting from the left to right.

Dragon Born 2X Wild Win

Dragon Born accepts bets from as low as 20p per spin. Depending on your risk appetite, you can then hike up your bet up to £40 per spin. This gives a nice range for you to test different betting strategies and take full advantage of the game’s features.

Dragon Born Graphics

The reels are fit for a king. Goblets, shields, knights, queen and king, a mysterious woman in purple, a royal standard, red and blue gemstones and the most desirable of the lot—the dragon. None of the regular J, Q and K symbols here.


Bonus Features

For starters, there’s the female jester, which acts as the game’s wild symbol. A stack of these symbols can fill an entire reel at a time—two reels if you’re lucky—and really amplify your takings. The math gives way to even bigger wins too. The game designers squish seven wild symbols into a column that is only five spaces high. That’s many more ways to rake in winnings!

Dragon Born Base Game Super Big Win

As a cherry on top, the wild symbol also boosts each winning combination with multipliers. These can go as high as 7x per wild symbol. Two stacks of wild symbols and you’ll get an insane 49x multiplier on your win!

Dragon Born Extra Spins Trigger

Not only are there a tremendous number of win ways in a slot, but there are a jumbo amount of extra spins on offer too. All you need are a bunch of diamond symbols:

  • 3 scatter symbols: 6 extra spins
  • 4 scatter symbols: 12 extra spins
  • 5 scatter symbols: 25 extra spins
  • 6 scatter symbols: 50 extra spins

Dragon Born Extra Spins Big Win

There are so many reasons why the extra spins rounds are great. For starters, these games are played on 6×7 reels. In other words, you’ll be playing at the maximum number of ways to win ever. Trust me — you can really feel the cash roll in. Secondly, you can also get single and stacked wilds during the extra spins. Even extra spins can be re-triggered during the feature, to no limit!


Game Performance

The design team had a supremely tall order—the maths team literally swung round their desk and asked them to fit additional symbols onto a tiny mobile screen. Despite the added difficulty, the design team has done supremely well. The game is tastefully designed, especially when they could easily have cut down on details just to make stuff fit. Besides that, the game’s animations are also superbly smooth.

Dragon Born Small Win


Anything Special?

Dragon Born’s massive reel set is powered by Big Time Gaming’s trademark Megaways game engine. The studio has broiken new ground in industry by adding the most ways to win in slot machine history. Before its release, slot makers have only released games with few thousands of ways to win. This Megaways system allows up to 117,649 ways to win. This slot innovation is enabled by the unique arrangement of symbols on the reels. The reels are also dynamic, which means that there could be a different number of symbols on each reel on each spin.

Dragon Born Extra Spins Gameplay



Dragon Born is absolutely fortuitous at every turn. The win potential is simply massive! Both the base game action and the special features deliver big wins to your balance. The winnings are timed in a really satisfying way too. You could spin for a while with very little action. Then, all of a sudden, you’d get a huge rush of stacked wilds, extra spins and multipliers within a span of a few seconds. Your adrenaline just shoots through the roof! Very few slots are as enjoyable and rewarding to play as Dragon Born.

Win Up To 1,000€ In Fable Casino’s Blackjack Tournament This Week

Here at Fable Casino, we’re always making sure that our players feel valued and have the opportunity to receive the rewards they deserve. That’s why we offer a wide and diverse range of promotions every single week and this week we think we’ve outdone ourselves! Our Golden Aces Blackjack Reloaded Challenge kicks off today and with it you could win up to 1,000€! Read on to find out all the details about how to get involved and what prizes are up for grabs.

Golden Aces Blackjack Reloaded PromotionIf you love live blackjack, then this week at Fable Casino we have the perfect promotion for you! Courtesy of Extreme Gaming, our Golden Aces Blackjack Reloaded Challenge kicks off this week and runs all the way up to Friday (October 27th), and with it you could be in with a chance of winning up to €1,000!

All you need to do to get involved is to visit either our live blackjack 5€ table or the VIP 25€ table and you'll collect points as you play. Your points are then added up and you'll compete for a place on the promotional leader-board. If you're one of the top five players when the promotion comes to an end, you'll walk away with a cash prize. It's really that simple!

The promotion went live today (Monday 23rd October), so read on now for the full details and then head on over to the casino as soon as possible to start earning points!


Take Part In The Golden Aces Blackjack Reloaded Challenge At Fable Casino

Golden Aces Blackjack by Extreme GamingTo take part in The Golden Aces Blackjack Reloaded Challenge, you need to play at either the Golden Aces Blackjack table or the VIP Golden Aces Blackjack table. Both of these games can be found in the Live Casino section of Fable Casino, and they both have different buy-in amounts, thus making them suitable for all different types of players.

For every game that you win during the promotional period, you'll collect 15 points. You'll also receive 10 points if you find a Golden Ace in your hand. These will go straight onto the leader-board so that you can check your progress in real time. The leader-board will then be locked into place at 23:59 GMT on October 27th and the top five players will each receive a cash prize:

  • 1st place – €1,000
  • 2nd place – €700
  • 3rd place – €500
  • 4th place – €200
  • 5th place – €100

As mentioned above, the promotion kicked off today, which gives you a whole five days to be in with a chance of winning. Furthermore, the leader-board won't be locked until the very last second, so remember to keep playing to make sure you don't fall behind!

All prizes are paid in real cash, meaning you can withdraw them without having to clear any wagering requirements. Of course, however, this means that only real cash wagers count towards your points. Winners will be contacted within 72 hours of the promotion ending and all prizes will be awarded on the 2nd of November 2017.

Man Winning Cash on MobileThe promotion is available on mobile, tablet and desktop so no matter which device you prefer to play on, you'll still be able to take part! Head over to Fable Casino right now to take part and to win bigger than ever on the world’s No. 1 Live Casino card game!

Never Miss A Promotion Again At Fable Casino

Here at Fable Casino, we're always coming up with new ways to reward our players. In fact, we always have at least one promotion active at any one time and these change frequently so that everyone can get involved.

Unlike some casinos, we also respect that every player is different and therefore we need a diverse range of promotions to make sure that all of our players are getting the rewards they deserve. That's why we run live casino promotions (like this one), slots promotions and table game promotions. Furthermore, we also create special bonuses, tailored around your playing style every week.

fable casino promotionsTo make sure you never miss a promotion at Fable Casino, we recommend you sign up to our mailing list. Then, every Monday, we'll send you an email with what's up for grabs that week. Alternatively, you can also keep a close eye on our promotions page, which we update whenever there's a new bonus or promotion available.

Island Jackpot Casino Review — Where Players Feel Right At Home

Mobile casinos don’t get much better than this. Well, they do, but Island Jackpot is pretty great all on its own. When we first accessed its homepage, we fell head-over-heels and ever since, we cannot stop praising Island Jackpot. And we don’t just love it for its quirky theme. Why is it so great, though, and is there something the site can improve on? Check out our full review to find out. You may be surprised by our answer!

island jackpot logoThere are a fair few mobile casinos themed around the idea of a remote desert island, Reels Island casino being one of them. Island Jackpot, on the other hand takes the concept a bit further by making their mascot a shipwrecked man, who looks way too happy and well-kept for a man who has been shipwrecked. Maybe he was marooned by his shipmates for being so irritatingly cheerful…

Or maybe his happiness is thanks to him being at Island Jackpot and that we cannot blame him for. Island Jackpot may be a new mobile casino, but it certainly has proven its worth as being one of the best of 2017. It may even, given a couple of years, become a market leader or one of the most sought after places to gamble online. Let's take a look at why this might be.


Casino Summary
Casino URL
Operator Microgaming, NetEnt, IGT (WagerWorks), Eyecon
Games 300+ slot games
Welcome Bonus Free £10 Plus Free 10 Spins
Other Bonuses Deposit £10 and get £20
Wagering requirements 35x
Banking Wire Transfer, Maestro, MasterCard, Neteller, PayPal, Paysafe Card, Visa Electron, Visa, Entropay, Pay by Phone



island jackpot screenshot homepageGiven that Island Jackpot has over 300 slots for players to peruse over, it's little wonder why their mascot looks like he's having the time of his life. With over £1 million in jackpot money and content from many different developers, you can't go wrong, really.

Such developers include top dogs like NetEnt, Microgaming, IGT and Eyecon, all of whom produce content that is not only widespread but top quality. This island really could become your home if you let it and with so many games to make use of, why go anywhere else? Maybe being shipwrecked isn't such a bad thing after all…


Bonuses and Promotions

island jackpot screenshot recommendationsThat's provided that you don't mind that a casino has little else but daily extra spins, you'll have the time of your life on Island Jackpot. As a matter of fact, you can grab some daily bonuses at every turn, it's quite easy to fall in love with the site. Despite being a desert island, it does know how to accommodate — we will give it that. At least this means we won't have to be drinking coconut water all the time.

The most significant promotion is, as usual, the welcome bonus which comes in at a rather generous £10, plus ten extra spins to use on whichever slots you chose. The wagering requirement is 35x and requires the promo code ‘jackpot' in order to use. It doesn't stop there, though. With your first deposit of at least £10, you get £20 in return, giving you £30 to play with. Not bad, eh?



island jackpot screenshot slotsBanking at Island Jackpot casino is pretty standard. With varying methods from card payments and wire bank transfer being the default, you get the option to fall back on these if the others, such as e-wallets and mobile payments, don't work for you. No reason why they shouldn't, but it's always a good idea to have a back-up in any case.

Withdrawal periods take between three and five days to complete with no limit seemingly imposed. Not bad! As for deposits, they are instantaneous with a minimum deposit of £10. Banking all around is a breeze.


Who Should Play At Island Jackpot?

Basically, if you enjoy having all your eggs in one basket, Island Jackpot is the right place for you. It's great for desktop players as well as those who gamble on mobile devices. For new players, it's also a good method of introducing them into the mobile gambling industry.

If we were allowed one complaint, it would that there appears to be no live chat available for players to use. On the other hand, customer support appears to be pretty stable as is, so we won't bleat about it too much. Let's hope that we can garner enough people to sign up to this fantastic site so that they can improve on this oversight soon.

Top 5 Myths About Pay By Phone Billing Debunked

When it comes to pay by phone billing, there are still quite a few myths out there. Some are mostly harmless, but others are so untrue and, frankly, offensive that it’s ridiculous. To make sure that none of our readers are misinformed, we have devised a list of the top five worst pay by phone billing myths and intend to dispel them by providing the truth. After all, the spread of misinformation is a dangerous game and we want to correct that.

mobile wallet 1Some say ignorance is bliss, but in the case for pay by phone billing, we'd have to respectfully disagree. Actually, we'd argue it isn't bliss at all but seeing as today's guide is focused on pay by phone billing, we'll be referring only to that. As you may or may not be aware, it is one of the most accessible and easiest forms of payment on the web. We here at Fable Casino provide the service. However, as incredible as it may seem, many still believe these five horrid myths about pay by phone billing as though they are absolute gospel. Nonsense to that, we say! Here are the top five pay by phone billing myths you should never believe.


1. It’s Costly

money fallingOne of the most silly myths to do with pay by phone billing is that it is a very costly method of making your deposit. Some players seem to be labouring under the impression that to go with the pay by phone billing method is to incur hidden costs that will, in the long rum, add up to a bigger bill than your initial deposit.

This couldn't be further from the truth. If you ever hear anyone saying “I don't want to get into pay by phone billing because it's dear,” your response should definitely be: “it's only expensive if you deposit too much!” The best thing about pay by phone billing is that there are no hidden extra costs involved whatsoever. The only money that will be taken from you is the amount you choose to deposit. Simple. There are limits, naturally, but otherwise it's completely free to use.


2. It's Unsecured

mobile phone securityWhile a more understandable myth when you consider how it looks sending money via a text message, that doesn't make it less false or any more of a blatantly misinformed myth. If anything, pay by phone billing is more secure than other deposit methods. How, you say? We're glad you asked.

Since sending money by verified SMS is not so easy to track or hack, it's always going to be more secure than, say, PayPal or Neteller, because those servers always carry that potential. That's not to mention pay by phone billing ensures player money is safe through third party encryption codes and whatnot. It's not even close to being insecure. Anyone, who tells you otherwise, is misinformed.


3. It's Dangerous

computer thiefSemi-related to the point above, many players tend to think computer hackers are just waiting with poised fingertips over their keyboards for you to make a mistake, so that you give them everything you need to know through sensitive information. Not only is this labouring under the idea that hacking is exactly like it is in the movies, but it's also assuming pay by phone billing needs all your personal details in order to operate.

Again, wrong! Hacking isn't like it is in the movies and there are most certainly not people out there who can hack an SMS message. At least, not in the same way as a computer. In any case, they'd have to wake up a little earlier because it's going to take longer than that to catch a one-time verified SMS just for the sake of a couple of quid.


4. It’s Hard To Use

anger smash computerAnother myth that honestly baffles us, is the idea that pay by phone billing is somehow much harder to use than other forms of payment. Because, you know… sending a text is really hard. We're kidding, of course. It's actually ridiculously easy. Honestly, pay by phone billing is so easy that even a chimp can do it!

With e-wallets, you have to log in all your bank details, know how to set up an account as well as manage it before you can make a single payment. Pay by phone billing requires none of that. Literally two texts and you're done. No fuss. No kerfuffle. All UK mobile users can use it, even those on different networks! So, please, for the love of God, don't think that it's hard.


5. It Requires Credit Cards

fisahing hook credit cardsFinally, we reach the most commonly misconstrued factoid of them all. Many players mistakenly think that, in order to use pay by phone billing, you need to set up a credit/debit card first. This is simply not true. With pay by phone billing, all you need is your phone. That is it. You don't even need a bank account to use it. Well, if you have pay-as-you-go for your tariff, that is.

If you're on a monthly contract, then technically you would need a bank account as most phone bills need a direct debit transaction to work. As for pay by phone billing, however, this simply isn't the case. If you want to take a quick tenner from your phone credit one day, you can do just that or add it onto your monthly phone bill payment. Careful, though. You don't want to end up with a massive bill scare!

Mega Fortune Dreams Creates Yet Another Millionaire With £2.8M Jackpot

Mega Fortune Dreams just keeps on producing more millionaires. It makes us wonder how they do it! This NetEnt progressive jackpot has some of the most frequent wins among its players, with an average leveling out at about two months. Find out more about this Mega Fortune Dreams winner by reading on and see if you can have a go at some of our own jackpots. Who knows? You might even get a large sum of cash.

mega fortune dreamsThese jackpots just keep on coming out of NetEnt‘s massive progressive jackpot slot, Mega Fortune Dreams. Less than a week ago, another lucky player won the prize of a lifetime and scored enough money to settle them for life. Now, a mere week later the jackpot has dished out yet again, awarding a grand prize of £2.8 million (€3.2 million).

That's an unprecedented amount in such a short space of time! How did this lucky soul win? Any chance you could be the next Mega Fortune Dream millionaire? We have all the details for you right here.


A Life-Changing Spin

mega fortune dreams jackpot wheelThe precise nature of the win in question is still surrounded in mystery, including things like the player's identity, which mobile casino they were playing at and even which country they're from. What we do know, however, is that they managed to nab the combined £8 million top-up of three Mega Fortune Progressive Jackpots in a single spin.

Funny how your life can drastically change at the spin of a reel! To win such an amount at any other time seems insane to most people, but to do so this quickly, not to mention in one spin, requires an insane amount of luck. This is, however, what NetEnt's jackpots have been doing for a long time now. And we do mean a long time, like ten years kind of a long time.

Think about that… Ten years helping people achieve their goals. Mega Fortune Dreams is just one of their outlets, but it seems to be their most popular method of providing all that wealth. We can only hope Mega Fortune Dreams keeps on making millionaires for the next ten years to come!


About Mega Fortune Dreams

The newest out of all four progressive jackpots that NetEnt has released (yes, only four, which is quite a small number), Mega Fortune Dreams is the sequel to the insanely popular Mega Fortune, where many players have won millions in the blink of an eye. They most certainly called the day off work the following morning!

Released in July 2014, Mega Fortune Dreams has had, arguably, more success than its predecessor. With an average jackpot win of over £3 million every two months (that's a real quick turnaround when you think about it), this has become very easy to believe. The biggest ever recorded win is £4.8 million — an insane number that has seen a lucky player become a very rich individual indeed.

Simply put, if you play with Mega Fortune Dreams, your chances of becoming rich overnight are bigger than if you play the national lottery. It's an infinitesimal amount, sure, but it's a bigger chance nonetheless. Even though the wagers are much larger than your average video slot, we'd say the bigger contributions are worth it for the prize that could be won.


Other Jackpots

fable casino logoAt Fable casino, we have a fair few progressive jackpots for you to try: Divine Fortune, Treasure Nile and King Cashalot just to name a few. We try to provide players with the best we can find and although you may not find Mega Fortune Dreams among our ranks, it may certainly well be there at some point in the future. In the mean time, enjoy all the other progressives we've got in store for you. Who knows? You may just end up scoring a massive fortune yourself!

Win Sprint Mobile Slot Reviewed — Blast From The Past!

The Win Sprint slot by Realistic Gaming is one of the simplest three reel slots that exists in the slot industry these days. Sometimes, that is all we need. The developers of this game have decided to give us with a taste of what used to be a famous slot machine at every pub in the city. Having disappeared from the radar as time went by and technology developed, Win Sprint is a nice comeback. Just by spelling ‘Win’ on your reels, you’re in for a blast in the bonus features, which brings you more re-spins and a double multiplier too. You would truly be taken on a winning sprint!

Win Sprint Feature ImageFancy a drink down the pub, but you haven’t found the time? Well, this is your chance to bring the pub back to your home instead with a little help from Realistic Gaming. They have got you covered with a beautiful slot machine sheltering a set of reels filled with berries, grapes, oranges, lucky winning seven’s and brightly coloured alarming golden bells.

This design of a classic slot makes it easy to follow for just about anyone. Not to tie boring and classic together, but Realistic Games have added a little spice into the game to boost its experience and overall gameplay. Like all classic slot machines, there is also a built-in jackpot of 1,250x your spin wager, which makes Win Sprint a good value proposition, even for a fruity slot.


Game Mechanics

The Win Sprint mobile slot is a game with three reels and five paylines. You didn’t read that wrong, and yes, it is surprisingly small for a modern game. Yet, Realistic Games has stuck to their guns on keeping this game as simple and as pure as possible. All they want you to experience is the same old slot machine you would have played on if you were down at a pub. Here’s a quick fun fact – Win Sprint has been designed after a real slot machine from back in the day!

Win Sprint Normal Win

Win Sprint is playable from anything between 20p to £200, accepting both casual players and a few pub high-ballers. For us, simple slot players, it is enough to say that this range is wide enough to accommodate every type of player, regardless of their betting strategy and budget. Based solely on the payout patterns of this game, Win Sprint has a low to medium volatility. Both payout frequency and size are fairly decent in this game and the Return to Player rate (RTP) is set at an average 95.25%.

Win Sprint Oranges Symbols

The entirety of the game is basically for the admirers of timeless machines. Having a very standard three reel slot makes the game look simple, yet it also brings back memories of how it all first started out. Coupled with the fact that Win Sprint sports a Jackpot that's 1,250x your spin wager, this game feels like a real slot machine. Get yourself a pint of beer whilst sitting cozily on your couch and it would feel almost the same as being down at the local.

Bonus Features

Unlike the usual slot games we have been playing so far, this one is just the epitome of minimalism. There is only one bonus feature in this game, namely the Win Sprint bonus feature. It is triggered when you spell the word ‘Win’ using the special symbols on your reels and having done so, you will be granted one free re-spin.

Win Sprint Bonus Symbols

At any time, you may simultaneously trigger more free re-spins when you are able to spell more ‘wins’ on your reels. On top of that, all your wins during these re-spins are subject to a 2x win multiplier, meaning that all of your wins are instantly doubled.


Game Performance

Realistic Gaming has brought back the same slot machines from back in the day in the form of online slots and all of us can’t get enough of it. Everything is as simple as it should be with minimal distractions. If there is one element that will make you go all crazy and excited, it should be the wins (hopefully the jackpot too) and nothing else. In essence, that is what a real slot game is and will continue to be to the end of time. For some, the simplicity of this game will not be too appealing, especially if one has gotten used to most other slot games released in this time and age, jam-packed with features.

Win Sprint Big Win Base Game

The music is compelling to listen to and easy on the ears, just like the audio tracks of original slot machines. As you did expect from a rehash of a classic slot with the help of modern technology, the game runs smoothly throughout gameplay. Not only that, but you can always access this game anywhere with any device you have on hand. Win Sprint is compatible with all laptops, tablets and mobile phones regardless of what software they use to operate.


Anything Special?

I’d say this game is simply a marvelous classic three reeler. It brings back many old memories, especially if you have been playing slots on the good old slot machines in pubs back in the day. We don’t say this often, but with Win Sprint, less is more.

Win Sprint Big Win

Don’t get us wrong here, Win Sprint is far from being a boring slot. Sporting only one bonus feature, it is, however, triggered pretty often. Re-spins and win multipliers are all the rage. On average, you would be able to trigger the features here every 20 or so spins and don't even get us started on the Jackpot. Granted, the Jackpot will be difficult to win, but as the saying goes – you can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket!



We loved playing this slot. If there is one thing we can all agree with, it will be the fact that we all love finding goodness in the simple things in life, which we often forget. We also sometimes overlook what is right in front of us. To think that games like the Win Sprint were the foundation of all slots that we all love to play today, it’s just a marvel how far we have come.

All in all, Win Sprint is a three reel fruity slot game you can expect to have seen in a pub year and years ago. Simple and lucrative is the name of the game. Oh, don’t forget the Jackpot too!

Video: Why Slots Are Better Than Other Casino Games

In this video, we will prove that slots are better than other casino games, especially when it comes to new players. First of all, slots are cheaper, but at the same time they pay out more. In fact, progressive jackpots are the highest paying jackpots at online casinos. Besides, slot games are easier to pick up than roulette, blackjack or any other casino table game. So, if you want to learn if slots are better for you than other games, check out this exclusive Fable Casino video!

Online casinos offer many kinds of games, but nothing is as popular as slots and for a good reason. Slot games are simply better than other casino games in many respects. They‘re easy to pick up and are no less exciting than other games, just check out this short video guide and you‘ll see for yourself.



If you want an exciting and profitable game time at your casino, slots are perfect for you. And in case you were wondering where to find them, check out Fable casino‘s slot game collection, featuring hundreds of the most original games in the industry. Here all the reasons why we believe slots are superior to other casino games.


Slots Are Cheaper

cheap blue piggybankNot all the slots are the same, but most will allow you to bet as little as 10p or 20p per single spin. In comparison, roulette and blackjack starts at 50p or even £1 per single bet. It’s true that some premium slots will have a minimum bet of £1. But then again, there are also slots that cost just a single penny. So, slots are much cheaper on average and, in addition, they can pay out more nonetheless.


Slots Pay Out The Highest Jackpots

progressive jackpot slots mega jackpotSlot jackpots are mind-blowing compared to other casino games. Card games will usually just double or triple your bet when you win. Even roulette pays out 35x times your wager for the very highest payout. It takes a lot of turns to accumulate a substantial win this way. Slots is an entirely different story as they can pay out hundredfold and more.

Depending on a slot, a big win can reach up to 500x your wager and more. If we consider progressive jackpots, it gets completely out of hand. Progressive jackpots increase as people play them and can reach well into millions of pounds. That‘s how all the lucky online casino millionaires are made!


Slots Are Constantly Innovating

innovating slot game thunderstruck IISince slots are so popular, things tend to get a little competitive. That‘s why all the developers try to stand out from the crowd. Thousands of online slots were developed throughout the years, and original concepts are still being implemented into them. From how playlines work to different bonuses and features, no aspect escapes the developers‘ attention.

Other casino games like blackjack and roulette barely change at all. Their look and performance is improving and some themed casino table games exist. However, the gameplay itself doesn't really change. Slots, on the other hand, can be divided into many different sub-categories, simply because the developers keep experimenting with them all the time.


Slots Are Easier To Play

spin button slotsPlaying roulette requires understanding of how betting works and what bets are possible. Blackjack is impossible to play without studying the maths behind the cards and various strategies. You won‘t be able to play these games by simply joining and hoping for the best. Unless you want to walk away having lost money every single time, that is… That‘s another disadvantage against slots.

Speaking of slots, they are perfect for new casino players. You can simply open any slot and start spinning. Understanding how a particular slot works is helpful, but you can still play well and win a jackpot without any knowledge on the game. Almost everything depends on luck, so you can just relax and watch the reels spin, waiting for that big payout. No complex strategies or intense thinking is involved.


Slots Have The Best Bonuses

fable casino slot bonusesSince slots are better and more popular than other casino games, sites like Fable Casino focus their attention precisely on them. This means that slots fans always have more bonuses to choose from. While promotions and rewards for other casino games are also frequent, there are usually many less to choose from. Bonuses for slots, however, include cash rewards, extra spins, tournaments, deposit bonuses and more.

Which Payment Method Is The Easiest To Pick Up?

Switching to another payment method may seem like a tedious task. Luckily, this guide has done the research you’d need to do, because here are all the payment methods that are very easy to pick up and start using in no time. All of them are accepted at Fable Casino too, so you can switch to them this very moment. Learn all about them and choose one that seems the easiest to pick up to you. There’s no harm in trying when it’s so simple to do.

easy to pick upPlayers at Fable Casino can pay in many different ways, but not all of payment methods are accepted. If that’s the reason why you’re looking for a new payment method — don’t worry. Although you can’t use PayPal or Boku here just yet, we accept a number of just as convenient services that are very easy to pick up and learn how to use. You’ll be surprised because you can start using all of them in no time!


Pay By Phone

pay by phone casino banking methodThe majority of players here will agree that the easiest payment method to pick up is Pay By Phone. It requires no separate account, no registration and even no setup at Fable Casino. “Well, how does it work then?” you might ask. Actually, it’s very simple. Pay By Phone just uses your phone number and it's the one you already entered when you signed up at our casino (or will enter if you’re not a registered member yet).

When you choose Pay By Phone when making a mobile deposit, it will instantly send you an SMS with a four digit code that you’ll have to copy to the casino authentication screen. Once you’re past it, you’ll be able to choose your deposit amount and simply confirm the payment. No additional verification is required as you’ve already proved your identity by entering that four digit code. That’s it: you’ve already started using Pay By Phone!

Obviously, you need to have a mobile phone to use this service, which shouldn’t be a problem these days. Other than that, you’re good to go and play on mobile, tablet or desktop. It doesn’t matter which device you use as the method is available everywhere regardless. So, this payment method is the easiest to pick up. Just keep in mind that Pay By Phone will deduct the deposited funds from your pay-as-you-go credit. Alternatively, it will appear in your phone bill at the end of the month.



paysafecard casino payment methodAnother payment method that’s almost just as easy to pick as the previous one is Paysafecard. It also requires no registration or tedious set-ups. In fact, it can be 100% anonymous. All you have to do to use it is buy Paysafecard vouchers and then spend them for a casino deposit. Simple as that.

What’s slightly more difficult is buying those vouchers. There are two options to do this: either buy them online or using real cash at one of almost half a million places worldwide, including supermarkets, post offices, petrol stations and the like. Once you have a voucher, you can select Paysafecard as a deposit method and enter the pin code that’s written on the voucher you want to use.

Paysafecard may not be the most convenient method, simply because you need to go to places and buy the vouchers before using them. However, if you visit supermarkets often, taking a few vouchers on the way is not a problem. In this case, the method is just as easy to pick up as Pay By Phone or Trustly, which is next on our list.



trustly online paymentsLast but not least, Trustly is also very easy to pick up and use as there’s no need to sign up anywhere. It’s very similar to Pay By Phone in this way except it doesn’t use your mobile and phone bill. Instead, it links with your bank account. You will have to log in to your bank account though, so the process isn’t as instant as in the case of Pay By Phone.

Once you’re in, it’s all very similar. You choose your deposit amount and confirm the payment with a code sent in an SMS. Despite a few more steps in the process, this mobile banking method is very easy to pick up. You can start using it this very second, in fact. Besides, it’s safer, cheaper and faster than a regular bank transfer.

Using Trustly requires both a mobile phone and a bank card, so it might not attract as many players. On the other hand, it allows withdrawing as well as depositing. The previously mentioned payment methods are only one-way, so Trustly is an improvement while still being just as easy to pick up. Besides, the limits are much higher, especially compared to the £30 limit of Pay By Phone.


Not Just Easy To Pick Up

Input Phone NumberWhether your preferred payment method isn’t on our list or you just want to switch to another one, you can safely choose one of these options. Too many people tend to stick to their old habits without realising that there are new and better options. If anything, you can always switch back, so there’s no harm done in simply trying it out.

We doubt that you’ll prefer your old payment method over these ones, though. Switching to them is painless and requires no time at all. Not only that, they’re also very convenient as primary depositing methods. They’re safe, quick and effortless, especially if you’re playing on mobile.