Fable Casino’s Live Dealer Cashback Promotion Explained

We love to give our players as many reasons to play our slots and casino games as we can. That’s why, on top of simply offering the very best gaming content we can, we offer huge promotions to accompany those games and make them even more attractive. When it comes to live dealer casino game tables, we think everyone should give them a try, which is why we’re offering all our player the chance to take part in promotions each and every weekend — it will allow you to claim 30% back on all losses which occur on the live dealer tables.

Fable Casino Live Dealer WeekendWe’ll admit it — it’s not so cutting edge and exciting anymore to feature live dealer tables. While a couple of years ago, live dealers were the newest and flashiest thing an online or mobile casino could offer, their prevalence throughout the industry has made them just another expected element of the sites we all know and love.

Yet, we here at Fable Casino have created a way to ensure that you’ll always be able to enjoy the flash of fuzzy excitement you had the first time you played live tables by offering an exclusive live table bonus every week! We want to both encourage our players to try out the fantastic live tables we offer, while at the same time getting more for playing these games. That’s why we want to introduce to you the Fable Casino Live Dealer Cashback Bonus.


About The Live Dealer Cashback Bonus

So, what about this cashback bonus we’re going on about? Well, we want players to be able to enjoy our live dealer games with limited risk, which is why each and every weekend (a time when most players have the chance to log in and have a flutter on the live tables), we offer the chance for players to enjoy 30% cashback on their losses over the weekend.

To make yourself eligible to receive this bonus, all you have to do is play on the live tables available at Fable Casino between Saturday and Sunday each week. If you’re down on your bankroll from the start of the weekend, we’ll give you 30% back absolutely free.

fable casino logoThis is for total losses of anything up to £300, meaning that you can enjoy anything up to £90 back on your losses over the weekend. If you take part in this promotion, your cashback will be paid into your Fable Casino player on the Monday following the weekends you participate. There’s no limit to the number of weeks you play, so you can come back every weekend for lower risk roulette.


Live Dealer Tables Available At Fable Casino

Roulette Promo Fable CasinoThere’s nothing quite like live dealer tables. Sure, playing video roulette or blackjack might be in essence the same game, with the same probability of winning and the same rules, but that doesn’t account for the overall experience players are going to have while enjoying the game. With live dealer tables, you can enjoy the game with a real life croupier, chat to the host and watch the card dealt and wheels spun in hyper realistic high definition. This isn’t just your standard online casino experience –this is next level gaming.

If you like the sound of the promotion we’re offering here or simply want to check out the live tables we have to offer, you’ll be glad to hear you have plenty of choice. We have 12 live tables in operation, with some of the most popular casino games to enjoy. As with most live casinos you’ll find a number of roulette and blackjack variants, on top of a baccarat option. Whichever game you choose, you’re guaranteed to have a great time playing thanks to our great interface and super-friendly chat hosts!

Play’N Go’s New Game Reveals Why Casinos Need Innovation

While September is the month that online and mobile casino slot developers spend getting their best games out ahead of the autumn and winter rush, Play’N Go has surprised us all by releasing a game which is sure to be lost in the noise within weeks. Mermaid’s Diamond demonstrates none of the personality and innovation for which Play’n Go has become famous, and its old and worn theme does nothing to excite any seasoned players. Even the decent spattering of bonus features does little to help this slot.

Mermaid's Diamond in PhoneSeptember is traditionally the month when online and mobile casino game developers roll out their best titles of the year, in the hopes of securing a bigger market share through the busy (and profitable) autumn and winter months. It comes as no surprise, then, that Play’N Go would have a brand new title launching this month in the form of Mermaid’s Diamonds.

What is a little surprising regarding this release, however, is the fact that the game fails to really demonstrate any of the innovative and imaginative flare that the developer has been becoming so well-known for of late.

Its most recent releases before now – the Sailor Moon inspired Moon Princess and the whacky and “out there” Leprechaun in Hell – have both demonstrated creativity above the average slots developer. That is why it’s odd to see Play’N Go develop a game, which conjures so many standard tropes from the industry.


About Mermaid’s Diamonds Slot

Mermaid's Diamond LogoAs anyone with half a brain can probably grasp from the name of this game, Mermaid’s Diamonds is a slot set under the sea. The protagonist of the game is, of course, a beautiful mermaid, and your task is to get your hands on as much of her underwater wealth as possible. This watery slot (and yes, we mean ‘watery’ as in weak and tasteless, rather than water themed) offers 720 ways to win across reels with a staggered 5x3x4x5 layout.

While we’re happy to sit here all day and badmouth the theme of this slot, the game isn’t without its fair share of special features. For instance, there’s the mermaid expanding wilds, whereby the mermaid serves as the wild symbol, and if two or more appear on the same reel, her fishtail is stretched out to cover the entire reel and greatly increase your chances of winning. If Poseidon appears, he might even grace you with extra random wilds on any spin, increasing the chance of expanding wilds and wins.

Then there’s the treasure chest scatters. When five (yes, five) appear on the reels after a spin, you’ll be able to choose one of the chests in a ‘choose your bonus’ style mini game. You might reveal up to 25 extra spins which will allow you to enjoy wins with no risk!


Are We Not Done With Under The Sea Slots?

Play'N Go LogoWe hate to be those people, who just bang on about crap tropes in games, but really, the whole ‘mermaid/under the sea’ thing is surely played out by now? Not only does this game simply look and feel like a re-framing of Microgaming’s Mermaid’s Millions slot, Play’N Go’s own game Pearl Lagoon has a vibe so close to this new release that it really makes you wonder what the point of making it was.

We mentioned in the intro that this is the time of year that developers tend to gear up for their busiest time and it seems amazing to us that Play’N Go are genuinely content with this cliché being their main release at this time. We sincerely hope that the developer has some surprise to pull out of the bag, otherwise we’ll be sorely disappointed. We really hope the great developer who brought us Grim Muerto and Tower Quest hasn’t lost its teeth.

Video: Fable Casino’s Pick Of The Top 5 Quickspin Slots

Name the top 5 best slots developers out there today. Our betting is that one of those top 5 is probably Quickspin; a company which combines compelling gameplay with innovative design, and always ensures there’s variety and excitement galore in its games. In this video and the accompanying post, we consider which Quickspin slots we value the highest, so which of these is your favourite?

The mark of any half-decent slots developer these days is the ability to offer variety in their collection of games, and there’s not many developers who do this better than Quickspin. It certainly is an industry leader when it comes to crafting slots that demonstrate creative flare while communicating a sense that Quickspin really know what the players want out of their casino games at the same time.

Yet, which are the best Quickspin games? Obviously that’s in a large part down to personal preference, but here at Fable Casino we’ve got some picks. Check them out!

To play the games featured in the video, simply head on over to Fable Casino and hit ‘Play Now’. If you enjoyed this video and want to check out more of the video content Fable Casino is putting out, then head over to our new YouTube channel, which will be becoming more active and get filled up with content over the coming months.

If you want a little more info about these games before you commit, you can read more information on our selection of Quickspin slots below.


Spinions Beach Party Slot

Quickspin Spinions Beach Party With the unquestionable popularity of the minions characters from Despicable Me launching a whole franchise in their own right, it only seems logical that it would spawn slots, which don’t QUITE steal the branding, but fly just close enough to the copyright boundaries that everyone knows what they’re driving at. That’s how Quickspin spawned Spinions Beach Party, a slot which is as colourful and high energy as it is nonsensical.

Although bold, the animation and aesthetic of this slot is kept pretty simple. The more you play, the more you realise that’s a rule throughout the slot itself. Sticky wilds are the main bonus feature of the game and although you might accuse the creators of being a little unimaginative in this regard, that doesn’t mean those sticky wilds are any less lucrative. If you can put up with the manic cartoons and soundtrack, then you can expect big wins from this slot.


Razortooth Slot

Quickspin RazortoothYou might wonder why a slot called ‘Razortooth’ clearly features a sabretooth tiger as its main emblem. We reckon you can either chalk that one up to creative thinking or ignorance — we’ll let you decide which. This slot has a huge number of ways to win and was in fact the very first 243 ways to win slot that Quickspin put out. Since this release there have been a number of other game which feature so many paylines, but this is the first and one of the best, and we reckon deserves a place on this list.

Like so many Quickspin slots, this game is really all over the place, with the chance to enjoy random wilds, extra spins and stacked wilds. Razortooth offers the wildest adventure of any Quickspin game, with a woodland setting and reels populated with all kinds of wild beasts. If you’re usually a fan of animal themed and action packed games, then this one might well be perfect or you.


Phoenix Sun Slot

Quickspin Phoenix Sun Well, we’ve covered a couple of classic Quickspin games, which have defined what we can expect from the developer, so why don’t we not take a look at one of Quickspins most recent releases in the form of Phoenix sun? If you though that the developer was being ambitious in offering players the chance to play a 243 ways to win game, then you’re going to be completely blown away by the 7,776 ways to win in Phoenix Sun.

Phoenix Sun isn’t really just one game, but a morphing slot that changes as you play. The 5×3 reels that you start off quickly become expanded as you reveal Phoenix symbols. In total, you’re able to turn your reels into a 5×6 configuration, greatly increasing your chances of winning and making more combinations far more likely to occur.


The Wild Chase Slot

Quickspin Wild ChaseThough this slot is somewhat formulaic when it comes to gameplay, the theme really carries the slot with a heist/car chase narrative, which populates the reels with diamonds, jewels, designer watches and cash, as well as the faces of those trying to make off with the stolen goods. As we say, the game play is simple, but there’s still plenty of bonus features involved in the game to make it worth having a spin.

For instance, whenever two or more wild symbols appear on your reels, you’re in store for a re-spin, while wilds also allow you to claim multipliers on your wins. If you’re looking for high octane fun based around fast cars and exciting slots action, then giving Quickspin’s fantastic The Wild Chase a spin might be a great option for you.


Second Strike Slot

Quickspin Second StrikeYou might be a little surprised by our final entry into our list of favourite Quickspin games, but while Second Strike might be unassuming and relatively unknown, those players who are familiar with it know then are plenty of reasons to love this slot. The basic game is a very standard slot format, with a 5×3 reel and classic fruit machine symbols. However, the magic happens when you secure a win on that first reel and get a spin on the outer track of the game.

That’s right, every time you win on the main game, you’re offered a bonus spin on the boarder track of the game. If the symbol landed on in this second spin matches those in the winning combination, you’re in store for your winnings to be doubled! Does the name of this game make a little more sense to you now?

Sunny Shores Mobile Slot Reviewed — An Eternal Summer…

Warm sun melting your stresses away paired with light natural drinks fresh from paradise. What is not to love about Sunny Shores? Yggdrasil made sure you can fully sit back, relax, and play this simple game. Let adorable Mr. Sun expand his loving rays and bless you with more and more wins.

Sunny Shores Feature ImageWould you not enjoy being in the tropics, soaking up the sun by the beach right now? Distance used to be a hindrance for us, but now that seems but an elusive idea. That is because the whole concept of Yggdrasil’s Sunny Shores is to bring you exactly that. They know you miss it. Well this game brings you back to relaxation right in the comforts of your own home. No more gloomy weather — just glistening water, beautiful blue sky and a fruit paradise that awaits you.

Come into a state of tranquil relaxation as this game very rarely fluctuates, meaning the possibilities of losing cash would not even be in question. As the settings of the game fits the theme, I’d say I just can’t wait to dive into the salty waters of this beach haven.


Game Mechanics

This game greets you with a warm smile, a welcoming adorable Mr. Sun and a layout of a 5×5 reel with a standardized 27 paylines. Entrance fees to this exclusive beach is a minimum of 5p to a maximum VIP standards of £100 per spin. This platform of a getaway is guaranteed to be fuss-free, because the entire slot game is direct and brings no confusion. Yggdrasil did not want to induce anxiety and stress in their players this time around and I appreciate their efforts.

Sunny Shores Base Game Win

There are choices for you to even alter the controls as per wish, splayed at the bottom of the reels. If you’re curious about the payouts, we have decided it stood in the range of low volatility. Being here makes everything wonderful, including the payout frequency, which by the way is predictably reasonable. Nothing, but good vibes in this game!

Sunny Shores Small Win

But of course, they did not leave out bonuses. You can be sure to enjoy complimentary bonuses as you spin the reels and have Mr. Sunny take care of the rest.


Bonus Features

Thankfully, Sunny Shores was made with the intention to have a great escape from the hectic life we already live in. Hence, everything was kept as elementary as it could possibly be. Get Mr. Sunny to serve you the menu and he will explain to you that they offer two bonus features – Expanding Sunny Wilds and Sunny Wild Re-spin.

Sunny Shores Normal Win

I'm going to let you in on a secret before you play: the entirety of the game revolves mostly around Expanding Sunny Wilds. Don’t we love it when sunbeams radiate in all directions, releasing its goodness energy to the ones beside it? In this case, the initial centered Wild is the sun that does the beaming in all different directions…

I’ll do the math for you, so you don’t need to crack your brains. There is a potential here to get up to 16 new wilds as a direct result of the amplification beams. You can achieve that by getting eight different positions around a symbol, plus an expansion of up to two wilds in each direction. They have got the edge of your reels covered too, if you’re wondering, by merely expanding on the opposite reels.

Sunny Shores Re-spin Trigger

Moving on to the next bit, Sunny Wild Re-spin. That is actually the annex to the Expanding Sunny Wilds. Just by obtaining any of the Expanding Sunny Wilds, it automatically activates the re-spinning. That is like gift inception, because in a Wild you get another spin.

So, let say you manage to get one more Sunny Wild during the times of re-spinning, you’re in for another re-spin. Stop getting new Sunny Wilds and the feature ceases. The game basically takes care of you and itself, so rest assured you are in a safe place.


Game Performance

I absolutely fell in love with their graphics and animation. Greeted with a cheery Mr. Sun emerging from the blue skies, it instantly melted all my stresses away. Sincerely I knew I would enjoy this game just by looking at the opening introduction. It is not only bright, colourful and happy, it literally depicted a theme of a tropical paradise.

It had an environment that flourished with luscious trees and that resonated with me very well. Gameplay was of usual standards as other slots and the larger reels performed flawlessly as well.

Sunny Shores Super Big Win

You can access this game anywhere – On iOS, Android, PC, you name it. Fuss-free in its essence, the game is also reported to be loading smoothly by other players, making it enjoyable through and through.


Anything Special?

If there is only one thing that makes the entire game distinctive, it's that it runs by itself — in a good way. The invention of the Expanding Sunny Wilds really makes it easy for all slot players. This gives you no excuse to not be in a place of love and harmony with the game, allowing it to do its thing, then sit back and enjoy it fully.

Sunny Shores Bonus Symbols

Just like how the sun derives energy from itself and still radiates out goodness to the world in an unending manner, Expanding Sunny Wilds and it’s accompanied re-spin feature does exactly the same.



If you are having a bad day, missing the equator and its magical tropical sunshine, you can definitely count on Yggdrasil to bring everything to you through Sunny Shores. Serenity in a slot game, a genuine gem for you slot players out there. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy your life and have a go at this self-expanding game. A great summer edition, let their Wilds and re-spins take care of you and, hopefully, your wallet.

Microgaming Gives Us Special Preview For ‘Halloween’ Video Slot

Microgaming have always taken licensed film or television properties and made excellent video slots out of them, Game of Thrones, The Dark Knight, Tomb Raider… Their latest movie franchise to adapt, however, may prove to be their most chilling yet. Based of the 1978 classic slasher movie, Halloween, this new Microgaming slot will prove to be a terrifying addition to their repertoire, if their first footage release is anything to go by.

Halloween LogoOne of the most legendary horror/slasher films of all time, 1978's ‘Halloween' tells the tale of the psychotic Michael Myers, who goes on a murderous rampage in a small American town. The film continues to haunt viewers to this day and Microgaming have decided to immortalize it further by making a video slot about it.

As of this week, they have released some footage which shows us what we can expect from the slot including some key features and gameplay. Read on to find out more!


An Ominous Atmosphere

The video, as you can see below, opens with some clips from the movie, which build towards a menacing atmosphere with characters spouting lines like: “Death has come to your little town, Sheriff”. This reflects what happens when you score a winning combination on the reel.

It's perfect for evoking the movie's original atmosphere and qualities and justifies the use of license. Take a look at the video yourself down below and see what we mean.

As you can clearly see, the movie scenes and characters do play a pivotal role in the slot. They make up the majority of the slot's primary features such as the bonus multiplier wheel, the ‘Click To Escape' mini-game and the scatter symbols that add up to bonus spins and once again recite some of those menacing lines from the film.

The animation, too, is pretty stellar, featuring large kitchen knives stabbing forward, ominously fluttering autumnal leaves and that iconic front porch, which serves as the slot reel's primary backdrop. All of it adds up to a faithful recreation of the film's tone in slot form and you really do get a creeping dread just by looking at it.

The slot can be played with as little as 25p or 30p and has either a 30 fixed pay lines set up of 243-ways-to-win format that depends on how you play.


Main Features

halloween slot bonus wheelAs we've pointed out (and as you can clearly see for yourself while watching the video), Microgaming have put in a fair few important features that come with the Halloween video slot. Two of the most significant, however, are the bonus wheel and the ‘Click to Escape' bonus games, which turn the game from what could have been a mediocre parody to a next-level licensed property-based slot that could become the industry standard.

Bonus Wheel – Players can trigger the bonus wheel by aligning three or more bonus icons on the main reel. This brings up a massive bonus wheel with a terrified Jamie Lee Curtis sitting off to the side with a menacing silhouette behind her. The wheel has various multipliers and characters on its face and depending on where the arrow lands you could end up with some serious cash or some extra bonus symbols on the main reel.

Click To Escape – Another chilling bonus game shows the player from a character POV perspective at the top of a shadowy staircase. Next to it are a bunch of orange leaves. This is the part of the film where Michael Myers is in pursuit of somebody. Select different leaves for more multipliers and prizes. This bonus can only be activated on the bonus wheel when the arrow lands on Michael Myer's face.


Why Halloween?

Microgaming LogoSo, this slot is shaping up to be quite a good one. Not only is the sound design and animation chillingly evocative of the original 1978 classic, there's plenty for players to chew on in terms of extra content. This begs the question, though — why are Microgaming making a slot out of a 40-year-old horror movie?

The most appropriate response to this question is… a question — why not? Halloween has a massive fan following that has been around since its initial release in theatres. Although it could be argued that the slasher genre is all but dead at this point, it still holds precedence for being one of the best, if not the best.

With all these loving fans still around and with nostalgia being a good cash-cow these days, of course Microgaming are going to make a slot out of the Halloween franchise. This slot's haunting piano keys will come to Micogaming casinos near you in early October, just in time for… well, Halloween! Play it on release day over at LeoVegas casino.

Trustly And Pay by Phone At Fable Casino — What’s The Difference?

Are you a player at Fable Casino? Are you trying to get your head round out depositing options? Well, two that might cause confusion are our Pay by Phone phone bill depositing option and our Trustly option. On the face of it, they’re pretty similar – both require you to enter your phone number, and will send an SMS to confirm you want to make the stated payment, but there are difference you should understand before undertaking to deposit with one or the other. In this post we’ll explore both the similarities and differences to help you decide which payment method is the right one for you.

fable casino logoPart of what attracts so many people to our casino here at Fable Casino is the fact that we offer so much choice. That's choice in games, choice in promotions and (and this is important to this post) choice in banking options. We try and make it as easy as possible for everyone to deposit and we do this by offering a range of different payment methods, that make it possible for you to get money from pretty much anywhere into your casino account.

Two of the more high-tech and modern options we offer are Pay by Phone and Trustly, and many players have noted the similarities between the two. This has lead a number of players to question why we offer both, if they seem to function is such similar ways. Well, there are some key differences between Pay by Phone and Trustly, and although they’re both great payment methods that we highly recommend trying out, you should definitely understand the differences before you try making deposits using either of them.


The Similarities

pay by phone casino banking methodThe main similarity that players have highlighted between these two banking methods is the fact that you enter your phone number in order to make a deposit, and will receive a confirmation SMS to ensure you want to make the payment before it will process. The benefits of this for both payment methods are obvious.

Simply needing to remember your phone number is super easy, meaning you’re spared from having to remember login information or passwords. This not only means that the payment methods are quick to access, but also that they are perfect for mobile players. They can easily play on the go and don’t have to laboriously enter payment information from cards or e-wallet accounts.

The confirmation SMS from both services also acts as a security defense, ensuring that no one can fraudulently use your phone number to make payments. If the casino doesn’t receive confirmation from the person in possession of the phone the number is associated with, then there’s no way the payment will go through – you’re totally safe!


The Key Differences

Trustly casino banking methodWhile the way in which these payment methods function at a casino level might seem pretty similar, there’s one key difference you can’t overlook: where the money you’re depositing comes from. For Pay by Phone deposits, you’re looking at traditional phone bill deposit model, where your deposit is taken from your phone bill account and you’re charged at the end of the month.

For Trustly deposits, however, you can use a range of payment methods. That’s because Trustly is much closer to being an e-wallet: you store payment options like bank accounts or credit cards in your Trustly account and then select which you want to use to make each transaction.

The difference between Trustly and other e-wallets is that your account is hidden behind your phone number and a PIN rather than a username and password, making it more suitable for a mobile audience.

All this means that the choice between Pay by Phone and Trustly comes down to where you want to withdraw cash from to deposit at your casino. Of course, you should also take limits into account – Pay by Phone will limit you to depositing £30 a day. Meanwhile, Trustly will go much higher than this, plus you should also consider that you can make ithdrawals with Trustly, but not with Pay by Phone. Other than this, they function very much the same in practice.

Guide To Problem Gambling Prevention At Fable Casino

Do you or someone you know struggle with problem gambling? Perhaps you simply want to know about the provisions we have in place to help people struggling with the problem? In this post we look at the safeguards that we as an operator have put in place to ensure that all players at Fable Casino are protected against problem gambling. We also offer some advice about places you can find further help to ensure you get the support you need as a problem gambler.

australia gambling problemWhile we want everyone, who visits Fable Casino to enjoy playing great gambling games, we understand that above all else, your responsibility is to protect our players. One of the key ways in which we make sure our players are protected is by putting safeguards in place against the effects of problem gambling.

Problem gambling is defined as gambling behaviour, which is undertaken compulsively and to the detriment of the player, and as such is something we as an operator take very seriously. In this post we’re going to introduce you to the main safeguards and services we have in place to protect our players, who might be having trouble with problem gambling. Plus, we'll offer advice on what to do if you or someone you know is suffering.


Reality Checks

If you feel you have a mild problem with gambling and simply want to make sure you don’t get too lost into a game, the first port of call we’d recommend is activating reality checks on your casino account. If you activate these reality checks, you’ll be able to choose an amount of time you can play for before an imposed break – again, for a length of time you decide – will take place. Within these ‘Timeouts’, you’ll be prevented from playing on any of the games at the casino, with the idea behind them being that this will give you a moment to reflect on your playing.



Tpiggy bankhe next step you should take if reality checks aren’t quite enough for you is to apply limits to your player account. You can set up these self-imposed limits when you sign up to the casino and you can choose the values you want to be depositing or wagering on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This is all designed to make sure you don’t accidentally spend more than you intended to on gambling, and that you don’t get into trouble while playing.



The final step to ensure you stay safe is to self-exclude from the casino. As the name suggests, self-exclusion is a voluntary act, whereby you request to be excluded from using our casino for between six and 12 months.

Though you can still withdraw cash from your player account, you won’t be able to deposit or play on any of our games through the duration of your exclusion. This is designed to shut down any gambling activity and the exclusion can be extended at any time to ensure you don’t relapse.


Finding Help

Gamcare Logo While we’ll do everything we can to help problem gamblers, they shouldn’t try and sort out their issue without proper help. That’s why if you or someone close to you is struggling with problem gambling, you should try and find some professional help.

Gamblers Anonymous LogoThere are plenty of national and local organisations, which will be able to help you out. Yet, the two big ones you should know about is the gambling charity GamCare – information about which you can find at http://www.gamcare.org.uk – and the support group Gamblers Anonymous – which you can find at http://www.gamblersanonymous.org.uk.

Casumo Casino Review — Claim Up To £1,200 Plus 200 Extra Spins

Signing up to Casumo Casino is like nothing else you’ll have experienced in your time playing at online and mobile casinos. When you join up, you begin your Casumo Adventure – a unique trip on which you’ll earn points, level up and enjoy personalised bonuses and promotions along the way. With the company of your own Casumo character, there’s limitless fun to be had.

Casumo Casino Logo There is quite simply no other mobile or online casino quite like Casumo Casino. Having exploded onto the scene in 2012, Casumo quickly attracted tonnes of attention in the industry, as well as plenty of players, with its unique gamification (which it called the Casumo Adventure). It promises players the chance to earn points, level up and enjoy their own boutique bonuses, which aren’t available unless you play for them.

Aside from the unique and exclusive features of the site, Casumo Casino is a very solid online and mobile casino, featuring tonnes of games from top developers and a generous welcome bonus for those, who might be skeptical about the offering it features and need convincing. Above all, Casumo is characterised by humour and fun, as you’re led on your Adventure by a friendly cartoon character.


Casino Summary
Casino URL www.casumo.com
Operator Casumo Services Limited Casinos
Games 450+ games: slots, casino table games and instant win games
Welcome Bonus Up to £1,200 + 200 extra spins
Other Bonuses Unique bonuses as part of the Casumo Adventure
Wagering requirements 35x
Banking Bank Wire Transfer, MasterCard, Neteller, Paysafecard, Visa, iDEAL, GiroPay, Skrill, PugglePay



Casumo Casino Games A thoroughly slots-heavy casino, Casumo calls on many of the very biggest and best online and mobile slots developers to populate its games pages. With many hundreds of games to choose from, it’s little wonder that Casumo features games from over a dozen different developers on the site. There’s heavy-hitters like Microgaming, NetEnt, Play'n GO, and NextGen, but also some relatively smaller developers like GreenTube, Thunderkick and Elk Studios represented.

While the list of developers certainly does read like a ‘Who’s Who’ of slot developers, that doesn’t mean that you won’t find a great selection of casino games and even some live tables at the casino. While the slots fit more neatly into the Adventure arch (most bonuses can be claimed through them), this shouldn’t put off players who simply want to indulge in classic casino titles.


Promotions and Bonuses

Casumo Casino Welcome BonusYou’d think that a casino with such a great selection of games and an exclusive gamification system would have an easy time attracting new players. Yet, that might not necessarily be the casino, given that they offer a welcome bonus worth up to £1,200 on top of 200 extra spins! This breaks down over your first three deposits like so:

  • 1st deposit: 200% up to £50 + 200 extra spins
  • 2nd deposit: 50% up to £150
  • 3rd deposit: 50% up to £20
  • 4th deposit: 25% up to £400
  • 5th deposit: 25% up to £400

With the welcome bonus covered, we bet what you’re wondering about now is that intriguing and enigmatic Adventure we were talking about in the introduction. Well, this is the main rewards scheme and will reward you with things like extra spins, reload bonuses, cash back and more as you play – the more you play, the more you earn.

When you first sign up, you’ll be given a Casumo of your own (a little cartoon character that looks halfway between a sumo wrestler and a tic-tac) which comes with a white belt. As you play casino games, you’ll earn points and achievements which will help you level your Casumo up through ever increasing belt colours. Earning points, receiving trophies for achievements and levelling up are all grounds for receiving bonuses.

While Casumo does run the odd promotion unrelated to the adventure – like slots tournaments or special reload bonuses – you can assume that most bonuses and promotions you receive are going to be related to your Adventure.



Banking is an easy and straightforward affair at Casumo Casino, where you can make deposits via wire transfer, credit or debit cards, or with e-wallets and services such as Neteller, Paysafecard, Skrill and PugglePay.

This is a super standard line-up of banking options, so although it lacks originality, you’re sure to find a method that suits you. It’s obviously a shame to not see any proper mobile depositing methods represented, but we guess Casumo simply has other priorities.


Who Should Play At Casumo?

Casumo Casino GraphicCasumo is a site, which firmly and proudly caters to the kinds of players who are tired of average, boring and mundane, and are looking for a place to play which offers a unique gambling experience. Having built a backbone of enjoyable and extremely playable casino games, Casumo has then injected an extra level of fun, humour and allure into the site with its trademark Adventure.

Casumo was among the first online and mobile casinos to capitalise on the full potential of gamification, and it remains one of the best sites to have done so. So, if you’re the player who wants more out of your casinos – wants personalised bonuses, to enjoy a journey and to have an adventure – then Casumo is certainly the one for you!

Genesis Gaming To Launch New Mix Martial Arts Themed Slot

You’ve heard of McGregor, but who is your favourite Mixed Martial Arts fighter? If you’re one of those players who sits at the convergence between mobile slots fandom and Mixed Martial Arts fan, then Genesis Gaming’s new Primetime Combat Kings slot is one for you to try out.

Prime Time Combat Kings Logo Last month’s fight between McGreggor and Mayweather in Las Vegas taught us two things. Firstly, when a non-professional boxer goes up against a profession boxer, the result is pretty predictable. Secondly, it seems that Mixed Martial Arts (or MMA) has become so big as a sport that even the once great Boxing industry needs to rely on it for coverage. Yup, the fight was all about the money and that money wouldn’t have been there had the popularity of MMA not put McGreggor on such a high pedestal to begin with.

Well, owing to the huge and growing popularity of the sport, it seems about appropriate that someone would finally have gone and made an MMA themed slot. That’s exactly what Genesis Gaming has done this month with its upcoming game Primetime Combat Kings. The game pulls on many of the features of the games and is set to appeal to the growing number of players, who are both slots fans and followers of the sport.


About Primetime Combat Kings

Primetime Combat Kings ScreenshotThis 5 reel, 25 payline slot from Genesis Gaming has borrowed from the famous shape of the octagonal Mixed Martial Arts ring to offer a slots design and layout, which is based on an octagon. Although this is more aesthetic than it is practical, the reel layout actually has little to do with the actual gameplay. The rest of the setting mimics the average MMA arena with stalls for fans and flashing lights.

As you might expect, the reels are populated with some of the world’s top Mixed Martial Arts fighters and Genesis has done a great job in rendering them in all their fierce and intimidating realism. When it comes to slots that are based on something in real life, it always pays to spend time rendering something as realistic as possible. Otherwise, these things just come across as cheap.


Slot Features

The scatter symbol in the game is a gold belt – the kind that champion wrestlers are rewarded with at the end of a big competition. If you land three or more of these scatter features, you’ll enter into the slot’s Ring Wheel bonus feature. This functions both as a bonus round in the slot, and as an opportunity for players to step into the ring themselves for a bout of their own.

Plus, the bonus round places you within the octagon yourself, where you fight with your opponent in a mini game in the hopes of landing yourself up to 20 extra spins, with multipliers totaling up to 5x! The ring girl is your wild and substitutes all symbols in the game to create winning combinations except for the scatters.


Available At Fable Later This Month

fable casino logoThough an exact date is yet to be set for the launch of Primetime Combat Kings, we know that you’ll be able to find it later this month at any decent casino that carries Genesis Gaming slots.

So, if you can’t get enough hot slots action, and are also a huge fan of the homo-erotic grapple-fest that is Mixed Martial Arts fighting, then you’re exactly the kind of player who’s going to love Primetime Combat Kings.

Spina Colada Mobile Slot Reviewed — A Delicious Slot!

If you have already started dreading to the fact that summer has come and gone too fast, hold on for a second. This Spina Colada slot by Yggdrasil Gaming will take you right back to a tropical beach and put a cocktail in your hands. And if that wasn’t good enough, the game may potentially put up to 200x your spin wager in cash into your pockets too! Who’s ready for another mini-summer?!

Spina Colada Feature ImageThe summer may be coming to an end, but you don’t have to swap out your summery drinks for hot chocolate just yet! Yggdrasil Gaming will whisk you away to a tropical beach bar and serve up the classic tropical cocktail, Pina Colada. It’s fruity, summery and simply packed with goodies. Why, this virtual treat is topped with guaranteed wins, second chances, extra spins and extra wilds!


Game Mechanics

Spina Colada is a 25-payline slot with the paylines fixed, so you’d vary the risk with the coin values instead. Bets are accepted from 10p per spin to 125 quid per spin. There are multiple bet levels in between, so you’d find a setting that suits your risk appetite and budget.

Spina Colada Graphics

There are three “high-value” cocktails that you’ll want to get your hands on; each of which offers up to 200x your wager in a single spin. These are followed by all of the fruity ingredients. In descending order of value, these are the strawberries, oranges, kiwis, pineapples and watermelons. Finally, the Spina Colada logo is the game’s wild symbol. It’ll substitute any winning symbol and transform into the frozen symbol to complete winning paylines for you.


Bonus Features

Every inch of space around the Spina Colada reels are crammed with features—you wouldn’t know where to look first. There are multipliers along the straw roof and four feature blocks on the left and right hand side of the screen.

Spina Colada Guaranteed Win X3

Let’s start with the feature that you’ll stumble upon most often—the “Freeze, Re-Spin and Multiplier” feature. The icons that form part of a winning combination will automatically freeze after the win. They’ll stay in their places while the reels re-spin again for free!

If you land more similar icons on the game board, those wins are paid out, icons frozen and a new re-spin begins. This glorious cycle continues for as long as more frozen symbols land. If you manage to fill the reels with the same icons, you’ll get a 5x multiplier to top it off!

Spina Colada Feature Gameplay

The most addictive and rewarding premise in the game is the caps feature. These old-school bottle caps appear randomly across the reel at any time during your gameplay. You’ll get to collect each one and store them in the boxes on the left and right hand side of the screen. Once you get four of one colour, you’ll win four extra spins.

  • The lime-green caps helps you start the extra spins rounds with a rare five-of-a-kind win.
  • The chilly blue caps offer second chances. You’ll get one or two winning symbols when the round would otherwise end. This guarantees at least a three-of-a-kind win each time.
  • The berry pink caps kick off the free games with two free wild symbols. Not only that, the chances of getting extra wild symbols are even higher than usual!
  • The juicy orange bottle caps promise three guaranteed wins. Your reels will just keep re-spinning until you win! That’s not all—each win is also multiplied by three!  In my opinion, these are the best features ever.

Spina Colada Small Win

As a welcome gift, all players will get two bottle caps to start the game. It won’t be long before you unlock your first bonus feature!


Game Performance

Yggdrasil has made its name in the industry with their stunning graphics. The symbols are designed with flair and the animations far from cartoony. However, the game’s real polish is shines through during the game’s starting sequence.

Once you load the game, an animation of the cool drink swirling around the margarita glass is played. It’s in those first few seconds when you realize that you’re in for a real treat, produced by the finest slot “bartenders” in town.

Spina Colada Special Symbols

Of course, the game is playable on all devices. Whether you frequent online casinos on your laptop, mobile phone or tablet, Spina Colada looks and performs in the same great way.


Anything Special?

The tropical cocktail is not just a colourful theme. In fact, the Spina Colada game is a brilliant cocktail of features. The game creators sure whipped together a rewarding and enjoyable concoction of features. They’ve taken a concept as simple as collecting bottle caps and produced a truly fun and—dare I say, positively addictive—slot.

Spina Colada Super Big Win

It isn’t just any mish-mash of features either. The experienced developers curated the right set of features that thrill any kind of slot player and tuned the game such that you’ll receive an intoxicating blend of suspense and reward.



What could be more luscious and more fragrant than this virtual cocktail of features and goodies? Spina Colada is filled to the brim with features, all of which are delivered to the players on a regular basis. My favourite part of the game is when I collect an entire set of coloured “feature” bottle caps. No matter the colour, the game basically offers four free guaranteed wins! To top it off, the game’s animations are incredibly pleasing to look at too.