fable-casino-letter-warlords-image-v4Fancy getting up to €1,500 almost instantly? Well, look no further than Fable Casino because we like to award new players with a welcome bonus they won't forget. Acquiring it is a simple matter and takes little effort on the player's part. All you have to do is follow these instructions below and soon you could be over €1,000 better off. What a perfect way to start your journey with us!

Read on to find out how you could behaving an optimal gambling experience here at Fable Casino and see how it could help you onto a (hopefully) large win.

Sign Up To Fable Casino

fable casino online slots typesThe first step is to become a member of our family here at Fable Casino. If you're not already, then you will not be able to get the bonus so we strongly advise you do. Besides, you get to indulge in all the awesome stuff we have here at Fable Casino including all our other promotional deals (we have plenty of those!) and games in our gaming library. All you need to do is click the big red ‘Join Now' button at the top of our homepage.

A dialogue box shall then appear in which you can fill out details. All you need to do then is put in your email and password which you can then submit to fill out further information required for you to create an account. Once that's done, you will now officially become a member of Fable Casino. Congrats! Now you can go on to make your first deposit and consequently gain this welcome bonus we're offering.

Make Your Deposits

money fallingNow, once you've signed up, proceed to the banking page where you will be able to make your first deposit. This welcome bonus at Fable Casino is split into three parts, which means the first three deposits you make will reward you with a deposit match bonus. We like to reward our players here at Fable with the best possible experience. Hopefully, this welcome bonus will demonstrate to all new players gown generous we can be.

The breakdown of what you can get for yourself over these three deposits (which is only available for deposits £10 or over) goes something like this:

  • First deposit: you get 100% match up to €200
  • Second deposit: you get 50% match up to €400
  • Third deposit: you get 25% match up to €900

And because we like to be ultra generous, all these funds can be played on any game you want here at Fable Casino. So go forth and play with whatever you want using this fantastic reward.

Any Sticky T&C's?

terms and conditionsIt wouldn't be very good of us if we brush over the fact that there are certain terms and conditions you must abide by in order to claim this bonus. After all, at Fable Casino, we want to be transparent with all our players.

It's the best way to build rapport! The first thing to remember is that you must deposit no less than £10 to claim the bonus. Once you receive said bonus, it remains available for up to 90 days so be sure to use it before that time expires.

The wagering requirement for all these deposit bonuses are 50 times the original amount. That may sound a little high but, remember, the amount is up to €1,500 so it's a necessary evil. Other than that, feel free to enjoy your bonus top your heart's content!

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