fable casino welcome bonusWant become part of the Fable Casino family? Sure you do! You have plenty of reasons, after all. Not only do we have a bunch of fantastic, top-of-the-range games for you to indulge in, but we also have a range of great bonuses for you to try out as well. The first of these is our £1,500 deposit welcome bonus which you can use to kick-start your adventure at Fable. Here's how you can claim it.


How Do I Get This Bonus?

trustly mobile depositIt's simple: all you have to do is become a member of Fable Casino. Access our homepage today and click the big gold ‘Sign Up' button in the far right hand corner. Once you've done that, you'll be required to put in your details including your age, address and phone number.

This will only take a few minutes and once it is done, you can access all of the games and promotions available at Fable Casino as many times a day as you like. To be able to get the welcome bonus in particular, you need to make a deposit. Again, not difficult at all to do so. Simply access the banking page, choose your deposit method and get going from there.


What's Up For Grabs?

money fallingThe deposit bonus is split into three parts and each one is activated every time you put down a deposit of £10 or more. This only works on your first three deposits, mind, so you can't split up up over more deposits over time. Once you get three of them, then that's it. Here is what you get for each part of the bonus:

  • 1st deposit —  You receive 100% up to £200. This bonus is free and instantaneous and could really help you on your way to having a great time here at Fable Casino. So if you deposit £10, you get £10 in return, giving you £20 to play with. Basically, you'd be doubling your chances of getting a big win!
  • 2nd deposit — You receive a 50% bonus of up to £400. Again you receive this bonus immediately after paying it. So if you put down £10 this time, you get £5 in return, giving you £15 to play with. And if you do this with an actual £400 deposit, you get £200 in return!
  • 3rd deposit — You receive a 25% bonus of up to £900. Once again you receive this bonus immediately after paying it. So if you put down £10 this time, you get £2.5 in return, giving you £12.50 to play with. Deposit all the way up to £900 and you get £225 to match!


Terms and Conditions

terms and conditionsNow, for the boring bit. There are a few things you need to keep in mind when taking part in this bonus scheme. First, you can deposit a minimum of £10 and can only withdraw once you have gamble 50 times the amount you have wagered.

You will receive each bonus immediately, however you will only have it for 90 days so make sure you use it all up before then. You cannot get it back once it has expired so, please, make sure you use it once you get it otherwise it will go to waste.

That's about it for the terms and conditions. Nothing too bad, right? We at Fable Casino love to provide the best experience possible for, mobile players. Access our site today for your chance to get some get a weekly surprise or a live dealer cashback!

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